PPDT Pictures with Sample Stories for SSB Interview

PPDT Pictures with Sample Stories for SSB Interview
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Picture Perception and Description Test or PP&DT is the first test of the SSB Interview. This test is conducted after the OIR Test. At the start of this test, a briefing is given by the Psychologist about the test in which he/she will explain to you all the details of the PP&DT Test. In the PP&DT Test, a blurred/hazy picture is shown to candidates for 30 seconds. During these 30 seconds, candidates have to observe the picture. After observing the picture for 30 seconds, candidates are given 1 minute to write the number of characters, their mood, their age, and their sex. They have to mark this information in accordance to their approximate position (as indicated in the picture given below). Candidates have to finish writing their stories within four minutes. In their stories, candidates have to generally narrate what is happening the picture, what led to this situation and what will protagonist to solve this situation.


How to mark the number of characters, their mood, their age, and their sex in PP&DT?




In numbers. 


Exmp- 24

M for Male


F for Female

  • For Positive Mood

  • For Negative Mood


0    For Neutral Mood



Sample Picture and Stories for PP&DT Test


Title of Story- Motivating Friend for Exam







Shweta- 23





Story- Ramesh is a 24 years old student of Babu Banarsi Das Engineering College, Lucknow. One day, when Ramesh was returning back from his classes, he saw his friend Shweta was sitting under a tree and she seemed to be sad. When he asked whey she was sad. Shweta told her that she got a low score in the CAT exam. She got less marks in Quantitative Aptitude that’s why her score became low. Ramesh calmed her and promised her to help in the upcoming CAT exam. Ramesh started teaching her quantitative aptitude after his classes, along with classes he used to give Shweta questions to solve. Whenever she faced any difficult question, Ramesh used to provide solution and he also taught her short tricks to solve questions. When the result of the CAT exam were out, Shweta scored good marks and she finally got the MBA college of her choice.


Sample PP&DT Pictures


Sample PP&DT Picture-1


Sample PP&DT Picture-2



Sample PP&DT Picture-3



Sample PP&DT Picture-4


Sample PP&DT Picture-5


Sample PP&DT Picture-7


Sample PP&DT Picture-8


Sample PP&DT Picture-9


Sample PP&DT Picture-10


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