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How do Cadets choose regiments in OTA and IMA?

We are going to discuss how cadets choose regiments in OTA and IMA. We will also discuss what is parental claim in selecting the regiments of the Indian Army.

31-January 2024 633

List of Weapons Used by the Indian Army PDF

We are going to discuss all the weapons used by the Indian Army. This article includes details of all weapons, be it little pistols or big missiles.

10-January 2024 1108

Know All About the Gorkha Regiment of the Indian Army

Gorkhas are known for their fearlessness and bravery. In this article, we will discuss the history of the Gorkha Regiment: Battles, Famous Officers.

08-January 2024 396

Army vs IAS: Which is better?

This article will compare all the aspects of IAS Officers and Officers of the Indian Army.

19-June 2023 3252

How to Become a Pilot in the Indian Army?

You can become a pilot in the Indian Army also that too without having PCM as your subject in your 12th Class.

08-June 2023 1626

Latest Lecturette Topics for SSB Interview 2024

In the Lecturette Test, the GTO Officer calls every candidate in order of their chest number to deliver a lecture on a particular topic.

20 Latest International News For SSB Interview (Jan to Dec 2022)

International News has its own special importance in SSB preparation. Candidates are expected to be updated with both national and international events.