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How to prepare for AFSB Interview after AFCAT-1 2024

Candidates who will succeed in the AFCAT-1 exam will have to undergo a five-day interview process which is known as AFSB interview.

19-February 2024 504

AFCAT-1 2024 Expected Result Date and AFSB Dates

We have provided detailed information about the AFCAT-1 2024 exam result and AFSB Dates of AFCAT-1 2024.

17-February 2024 966

AFCAT-1 2024 Memory-Based Questions and Analysis

Aspirants who are going to appear in the AFCAT exam in the next shift must take a look at these questions and revise these topics.

16-February 2024 415

Most Expected Questions for AFCAT-1 2024

We have provided these most important questions in PDF format so that aspirants can download them and revise them later.

08-February 2024 354

Last Minute Tips for AFCAT-1 2024 Exam

In this strategy, we will share the strategy along with the sources to prepare for all sections of the AFCAT exam.

07-February 2024 279

PPDT Pictures with Sample Stories for SSB Interview

In the PP&DT Test, a blurred/hazy picture is shown to candidates for 30 seconds. During these 30 seconds, candidates have to observe the picture.

20 Latest International News For SSB Interview (Jan to Dec 2022)

International News has its own special importance in SSB preparation. Candidates are expected to be updated with both national and international events.