How To fill Hobbies and Interests Section In PIQ Form

How To fill Hobbies and Interests Section In PIQ Form
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Hobbies and Interests Section In PIQ Form

Every activity has a specific function, and candidates should be aware of its relevance. SSB interview is not only a 5-day program that allows a candidate to act in a particular way, rather it is a blend of different personality assessments. During the SSB Interview, the majority of the time is spent talking about your PIQ form, which is quite important in building the basis of your selection. The PIQ form should be filled out carefully, and the column for interests and hobbies should be given special attention because it will be used to assess your personality. In this article, we'll go over the essentials of filling out the hobbies and interests part of the PIQ form.


One of the key subjects of discussion between the Intelligence Officer (IO) and the candidates is the PIQ form. The PIQ form has multiple columns, each of which is equally vital, but the interest and hobbies area is the most important. A hobby is a recreational activity that a person engages in on a regular basis, whereas interest is a desire to learn more about or participate in anything. By accurately exhibiting interests and hobbies, the Officer Like Qualities "OLQs" can be projected quite effectively from these columns.


Tips to Fill Hobbies and Interests in PIQ Form


  • Leave no blanks in the required columns. If you're writing about an extracurricular activity, for example, you should be able to explain it. To tell when you won what and what happened at that time.

  • You should be well-versed in the topics you specify in the column headings. For example, if you're writing about a specific sport, you should be well-versed in it, and the same principle applies to hobbies.

  • Extracurricular activities are an essential element of a whole personality because they demonstrate that you have a fully developed personality. Such activities demonstrate a drive to learn things beyond your academic background, which you might emphasize in your application.

  • If you've been participating in school events and representing your class or school, it demonstrates your productivity, capabilities, and leadership qualities. It demonstrates your ability to be acknowledged at a higher level and your leadership qualities.

  • As an officer, you will be expected to not only perform your duties wisely but also to manage a variety of additional tasks; therefore, all of these factors are highly significant to the SSB, as they are a fundamental element of an officer's personality.


How to Find Out Hobbies and Interests?


Having a hobby you enjoy has numerous well-documented advantages, ranging from reduced stress to a greater sense of commitment and usefulness. Hobbies help to relax a stressed person since they distinguish you as an individual and demonstrate that you have a habit of engaging in mental development. Hobbies are extracurricular activities that you do in your spare time rather than as part of your regular job. Hobbies and interests can clearly have a positive impact on your quality of life because when you're engaged and fulfilled in your life outside of work, you'll be more focused and enthusiastic at work. 


  • Being robust is desirable, and workout or getting regular exercise is usual. If you say that running is your hobby, for example, you can expect questions about your running timing, location of running, enthusiasm, and health impacts to be asked during the interview.

  • Painting is a fun pastime that allows you to explore your imagination and new ideas. So, if you claim you prefer painting, you can be asked questions about this art form that revitalizes creativity and opens up a connection to reality.

  • Similarly, technology is improving day by day and the current generation is more willing to learn about them. You can mention publications and the internet as sources of technical information as a hobby.

  • Many of the aspirants have competed in singing and dancing competitions at school and college events. As a result, their interest in and aptitude for these abilities might be a fun activity. So, while you prepare for the interview, you should get additional knowledge and reflect more deeply on these activities.

  • When it comes to other kinds of hobbies, some people enjoy reading novels or other types of literature. So, you can ask them questions like which book they recently read or who their favorite author is.


Aside from the options above, the candidates may pursue any other interest. However, they must ensure that their activity is constructive, as interest assessment is critical for being prepared for counter-questioning. Other hobbies and interests that applicants can mention if any of them match their areas of interest are listed below.


  • Healthcare & Exercising

  • Community Servicing

  • Mountain Climbing & Trekking

  • Playing a Musical Instrument

  • Painting or Graphic Design

  • Singing and Dancing

  • Nature Photography 

  • Cooking or Gardening

  • Writing or Blogging

  • Foreign Languages

  • Theater and Poetry


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