What is Conference in SSB Interview?

What is Conference in SSB Interview?
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The Services Selection Board interview, also known as the SSB Interview, is a selection process in which a candidate's competencies are examined. There are several ways to assess a candidate's personality traits, including analytically, physiologically, intellectually, and through group tasks. Candidates are tested in a variety of methods during the SSB Interview, including physiological testing, group testing, and interviews. All of these assessments take place over the course of the five-day SSB Interview, with the Conference Day marking the end of the process. On the fifth day of SSB testing, all assessors from a particular board convene for a conference to discuss and prepare candidate results. Read on to know more about the Conference in SSB Interview and its various aspects.


Key Features of Conference in SSB Interview


  • Assessors perceive the conference as the fourth assessment approach, and it plays a critical role in the overall evaluation process. Each technique, whether Interview, GTO, or Psychology, has strengths and shortcomings, and a thorough analysis of all of these components is required to assess a candidate's personality.

  • The assessors have no prior knowledge of the other's assessment until they arrive for the conference. The conference functions as an excellent reality check for all assessors, allowing them to appraise their individual proficiency in the discipline of assessment. Assessors patiently await the conference, and when their assessments contradict those of others, they communicate with each other personally to better understand their viewpoints.

  • An assessor could not completely measure a candidate's physical courage using only an interview technique; the GTO & Psychologist could perform this much better. Similarly, because only the interviewer has access to a candidate's comprehensive background, the intensity of his/her sense of responsibility can be evaluated considerably better through interviews than through other techniques.


A Broad Spectrum of Conference in SSB Interview


Board Conference

The Board Conference is the concluding event of the five-day testing procedure, during which each candidate is evaluated in detail by the three assessors, each of whom has individually examined their actual competence using the systematic approach. To reach a final decision about a candidate, an extensive process of verification and cross-verification is used. During this process, the board makes a final decision on a candidate's suitability as well as the final marks to be given.


Result Declaration

The day begins with the closing address, which is part of the selection process. Before the Board Conference, the officer usually gives a Closing Address in which he or she underlines the virtues of the selection procedure, explains the attributes that the Armed Forces are seeking in your personality, and clarifies any doubts or questions that may have emerged in your mind. The board releases the results after all of the candidates have appeared before the board and the results have been finalized. Candidates who receive a positive recommendation from the board are invited to take the medical exam.


Medical Examination

Following the SSB outcomes, recommended candidates appear before the medical board to complete their medical examination. The medical board takes a couple of working days to complete the medical examination process at the respective Military Hospital, after which the applicants are dispersed for their medical examination. The candidates for the Appeal and Review Medical Board proceedings are guided by the President of the Medical Board. Candidates may also seek the opinion of the President of the Special Medical Board for a review or appeal if they have been certified unfit.


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