Final Tips For Adaptability Test-II (AIRFORCE X-Y GROUP)

Final Tips For Adaptability Test-II (AIRFORCE X-Y GROUP)
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As the saying goes “Starting strong is good. Finishing strong is epic.” The final step to achieve your dream career- to make an entry into IAF- relies on a short, plain, examination called AT 2. But never underestimate IAF. Even a “plain” test here carries tonnes of hurdles. So here is a little bunch of tips to plan your win- o- win strategy:

  • Foremost, chalk out a complete map of AT 2. Get all information on its official website or you can also check
  • AT 2 stands for Adaptability Test 2.
  • Those candidates who have cleared AT 1 are eligible for AT 2.
  • AT 2 is quite similar to the group discussion (GD) test and personal interview (PI) of the SSB interview.
  • Curious to know what happens here? Well, to start with, you are provided a composition. You have to read it, comprehend it clearly, and analyse it within a time limit of 5 minutes.

Next, you are given 3 minutes to introduce yourself followed by an explanation of the composition you read earlier.

  • The aim of AT 2 is to judge how well you can analyse and take decision. It checks your judgements, mental ability and most importantly your capability to adjust in an air force lifestyle.

The framework explained, now its turn to spill a few tricks to triumph this test:

  • CRUX- Read the composition very carefully and quickly memorize the crux of it in your mind. Crux here refers to the main idea, theme, and moral of the topic.
  • ANALYSIS- Analyse the text yourself. Form a self- opinion as it will help tremendously in next few minutes.
  • FORMULATION- Formulate 7-8 sentences about what you have conceived from the topic in order to explain it later. Note: be explicit in your explanation! Be there only 5 sentence but they must clearly express the main idea of the text.
  • TIME CHECK- You have to manage all of the above in just 5 minutes so keep a check on time.

The best strategy is to get into a habit of comprehension reading and analysing. Read a lot, practice a lot, explain it and you have already won the game!

  • INTRODUCTION- Next step extends to 3 minutes where you have to: introduce yourself + explain the topic.

Start your introduction by telling your name, followed by a few desirable characteristics and your strengths suitable for an Air Force officer. For instance, you can mention that you are optimistic, responsible, confident, helpful, passionate, determined and a proud, socially responsible Indian. Add to this give a quick review of your friends’ and family’s opinion about yourself.  Moreover, it’s always beneficial to say that you are interested in sports or if you are a sportsman then tell your achievements. This will form a great impression!

To explain the topic, divide it into the trio of: beginning- main body- conclusion. Give the complete name of the topic. Be precise and extremely clear about what you are explaining. Don’t elaborate unnecessarily. Be crisp but express well! What you need to communicate is the main idea so focus on the theme. Note: ‘good explanation, everlasting impression.’

  • Have a good command over spoken English. For this practice reading and speaking in English.
  • Be audible and avoid stammering or hesitating.
  • Lastly, be confident!

That told, have faith in yourself and make the best of your qualities. Make the end the most memorable by embracing challenges cheerfully!


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