Most Important Tips for Adaptability Test-I (Airforce X Y Group)

Most Important Tips for Adaptability Test-I (Airforce X Y Group)
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With the motto of नभ: स्पृशं दीप्तम्  the Indian Air Force (IAF) can be crowned as the monarch of Indian glory. IAF was established on October8, 1932 and since then its success graph has kept on increasing. IAF is now the 4th largest Air Force in the world, with a massive collection of equipments and thousands of sophisticated personnel.

However, the burning question is, shouldn’t we all aspire to be a part of this distinguished career of India? Most certainly, yes, yes we all must try our best for IAF. Now this trial follows a certain procedure. It consists of UPSC written exam, SSB interview, AT 1, AT 2, and Physical Fitness Test. Below is a great stock of strategies to clear AT 1 test:

  • AT 1 stands for Adaptability Test 1 and is quite similar to the SRT test of SSB interview.
  • Candidates who successfully qualify the SSB interview procedure are eligible for this test.
  • As the name goes, AT 1 aims to examine the adaptability of a candidate according to army environment.
  • AT1 is structured as a situation- reaction test- to filter those candidates who can easily adapt and effectively follow new roles and situations.
  • The test lasts for 30 minutes in which you have to solve 45 questions.
  • The questions are situation based. The answers range from 1, 0.75, 0.5, to 0.25

Time for some essential tips:

  • Understand the marking criteria: The examiner does not give a score card, rather you are judged on the notions of acceptable and non- acceptable.

If your answers, or to say, your responses are logical and positive then it is acceptable otherwise it is unacceptable.

For best answer you get 1, else 0.75, 0.5, or 0.25.

  • Questions: The questions are in the form of situations. Mind you, there is a difference between problem and situation. A situation can be positive, negative, or neutral, while a problem is negative.

So keep your fear aside, because the questions are real- life situations, nothing out of the world. They are simple and comprehensible.

  • Answers: Just as the questions are in form of situations, similarly answers are to be in form of reaction.

The best tip to follow is be realistic, be natural, be yourself!

  • In search for- All an examiner want is to see if you are apt for Army life. Hence he seeks responses which are realistic, logical, positive, honest, and compassionate.
  • Depict through your responses that you are socially responsible, reliable, nationalistic, smart and reliable.

Show that you can work easily under pressure, that you can manage in fewer facilities, and that you have an intelligent and logical approach to deal with various situations.

Most importantly be human! In no case give superfluous answers. Don’t try to be a super- hero because no one is. Be a real- life person, who deals situations realistically.

  • Time constraint + analysis: Keep a check on time and understand the situation properly before responding. Often, the situation gets repeated, but the context is different, so answer very carefully. For instance, don’t confuse between ‘his’ and ‘he’.
  • Don’ts: Don’t elaborate your answer, just mark the suitable option; don’t skip any situation, because they are all real- life so you have to answer all; and get over panicking, be easy.
  • Prove that you have a desirable, army- like mindset.
  • Be clear and confident in your responses.
  • For sample situations and other helpful material log in to
  • Lastly, apply all of the above!

So, my dear friends, the best you need to do is follow your inside moonlight. Just go for the test with all your heart and you will surely pass with flying colours! Good luck.


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