Daily GK Update - 5th December 2023 Current Affairs

Daily GK Update - 5th December 2023 Current Affairs
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Defence Guru is a dedicated platform for daily current affairs updates for defence aspirants. Here, you will get daily updates on the latest current affairs. We cover all the latest current affairs, including daily updates on defence current affairs, national current affairs, international current affairs, economic current affairs, sports current affairs, awards and honours, books, appointments, etc. You can follow us for regular current affairs updates. Our current affairs section is handy for candidates preparing for the NDA, CDS, AFCAT, MNS, and other competitive exams. Thus, it becomes very important for defence aspirants to cover daily current affairs updates regularly. The Defence Guru current affairs update is accurate, reliable, and useful for every defence exam and other competitive exams in India. Let us see what the latest updates are today.


Why Should You Learn Current Affairs from Defence Guru?


  • Defence Guru: Daily current affairs updates for defence aspirants.

  • Covers diverse topics: Defence, national, international, economic, sports, etc.

  • Relevance: Beneficial for NDA, CDS, AFCAT, MNS, and competitive exams.

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  • Supports exam prep: Vital for enhancing knowledge for competitive exams.

  • Focus areas: Defence current affairs, major events, appointments, honors, and more.

  • Handy resource: Timely updates crucial for defence exam preparation.

  • Vocabulary enhancement: Offers daily important English words with meanings.

  • MCQs: Provides daily GK MCQs based on current affairs for self-assessment.

  • Comprehensive coverage: Emphasizes all areas crucial for defence exams.


Here are the latest current affairs of 5th December 2023


1. Indian Navy Day Celebrations:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveils Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's statue at Rajkot Fort, Sindhudurg, Maharashtra on Indian Navy Day.


2. Indian Naval Ship Sumedha Port Call:

Indian Naval Ship Sumedha, a Saryu class Naval Offshore Patrol Vessel (NOPV), docks for a port call at Antsiranana, Madagascar from 04 to 06 December 2023. It helps in multiple roles independently and supports Fleet Operations within the Eastern Fleet of the Indian Navy based in Visakhapatnam.


3. Delivery of Survey Vessel Sandhayak:

Sandhayak (Yard 3025), the first of four Survey Vessels (Large), constructed at GRSE Kolkata, was delivered to the Indian Navy on 04 Dec 23. It has been primarily designed for full-scale coastal and deep-water Hydrographic Surveys of Port/Harbour approaches and navigational routes.


4. All-Girls Sainik School Approval:

Samvid Gurukulam Senior Secondary School, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh gets approval to become an all-girls Sainik School, empowering girls in military education.


5. Groundwater Arsenic Mitigation:

State governments hold the primary responsibility for managing groundwater quality and mitigating contamination issues. Arsenic contamination stems from geogenic origins due to the release of Arsenic from soil/aquifer matter under specific conditions.


6. Namami Gange Programme Extension:

The Namami Gange Programme launched in 2014 for Ganga and its tributaries' rejuvenation extended up to 31st March 2026, aiming for continued restoration efforts. It has been covered by the Press Information Bureau (PIB) regarding its extension.


7. ASEAN India Grassroots Innovation Forum:

4th edition of the ASEAN India Grassroots Innovation Forum (AIGIF) held in Malaysia, fostering grassroots-level innovations and collaborations between ASEAN nations and India.


8. Kenyan President’s Visit to New Delhi:

Kenyan President William Samoei Ruto has arrived in New Delhi for a three-day state visit, accompanied by a high-level team. Located in East Africa, Kenya has a coastline on the Indian Ocean. Its capital is Nairobi.


Important English Words from Today’s Current Affairs

Today's Current Affairs by Defence Guru also includes important English words for defence aspirants gearing up for the NDA, CDS, AFCAT, and various competitive exams. The English part of these exams covers various questions related to vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms, etc. These important English words from today’s current affairs will help defence aspirants improve their English vocabulary to perform well in the upcoming exams. Let us see how Defence Guru helps you improve your English vocabulary based on daily current affairs.


  • Defence exams like NDA, CDS, and AFCAT stress English vocabulary.

  • These exams frequently assess synonyms, antonyms, and meanings.

  • Strong vocab boosts comprehension and scoring in English sections.

  • Learning vocabulary from real-world context aids retention.

  • Vocabulary from current affairs builds practical language skills.

  • Defence Guru integrates vocab with updated news, enhancing overall readiness.

  • English vocab proficiency contributes significantly to exam success.

  • Learning vocab in context fosters a deeper understanding of words.

  • Combining current affairs with English vocabulary helps grasp word usage.

  • Mastery of English vocabulary from current affairs boosts confidence during exams.







The act of restoring or making something fresh, youthful, or vigorous again.



Revitalization, Renewal, Regeneration.



Deterioration, Degeneration, Decline.







Alleviating or reducing the severity or seriousness of something.



Alleviating, Lessening, Diminishing.



Aggravating, Intensifying, Worsening.







Originating from geological processes or factors.



Geological, Geologic, Earth-derived.



Artificial, Man-made, Synthetic.







Relating to the measurement and description of physical features and conditions of navigable waters.



Nautical, Oceanographic, Aquatic.



Non-nautical, Land-based, Terrestrial.







Streams or rivers that flow into a larger river or body of water.



Affluents, Branches, Feeders.



Mainstream, Outlet, Estuary.







The introduction of harmful substances or pollutants into something pure or natural.



Pollution, Taint, Impurity.



Purity, Cleanliness, Sterility.







Granting power or authority to someone or something.



Enabling, Authorizing, Strengthening.



Disempowering, Weakening, Undermining.







The often indirect effects or consequences of an action or event.



Ramifications, Consequences, Effects.



Causes, Origins, Beginnings.


Daily GK MCQs - 5th December 2023 Current Affairs Quiz


Here are some important GK MCQs from today’s current affairs.


1. Who unveiled Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's statue at Rajkot Fort on Indian Navy Day?

Answer: Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the statue.


2. Where is Indian Naval Ship Sumedha making its port call from December 4th to 6th, 2023?

Answer: The Indian Naval Ship Sumedha is docking at Antsiranana, Madagascar.


3. What is the primary purpose of the Survey Vessel Sandhayak recently delivered to the Indian Navy?

Answer: Sandhayak is designed for coastal and deep-water Hydrographic Surveys.


4. Which school has received approval to transform into an all-girls Sainik School?

Answer: Samvid Gurukulam Senior Secondary School in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh.


5. Who is responsible for managing groundwater quality and mitigating arsenic contamination?

Answer: State governments hold the primary responsibility.


6. What is the extended duration of the Namami Gange Programme initiated in 2014?

Answer: The program is extended up to March 31, 2026.


7. Where was the 4th edition of the ASEAN India Grassroots Innovation Forum held?

Answer: The 4th edition of the ASEAN India Grassroots Innovation Forum took place in Malaysia.


8. Which African country's President visited New Delhi for a three-day state visit?

Answer: Kenyan President William Samoei Ruto.


9. Where is Kenya located, and what major water body does it border?

Answer: Kenya is in East Africa and has a coastline along the Indian Ocean.


10. What is the capital city of Kenya?

Answer: Nairobi is the capital of Kenya.


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