Using Idioms in Communication

Using Idioms in Communication
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Idioms have relevancy with our past experiences. These statements became popular when majority felt the same experience and were brought in discussion. Every idiom has a certain story behind its formation. Let’s have some examples like NAACH NA AWE ANGAN TEDHA for this we may say “A bad workman quarrels with his tools.” One should not look for the literal meaning of that idiom instead one should put efforts to give meaningful sense of the same. Here it could also be written

  1. Lack of knowledge shouldn’t have scope of excuses.
  2. Excuses make one out of learning scope.
  3. It is easy to make excuses rather than putting efforts to execute it.
  4. Those who make resources responsible for their inability keep fighting with the same.


So students, here we can see variety of sentences in place of just one Idiom. Although using idioms and phrases in formal communication is not considered good as they give some sort of personalized approach. An idiom can be one’s way of thinking so it is not implied to all. Still usage of idiom makes one’s art of expression more appealing so we love to involve idioms in our communication. Here one should understand that the exposure of such idioms and phrases is achieved when one makes more and more sentences on the same. In this article I have shared sample sentences with you so that you may also be passionate in making sentences. With the help of sentences we understand its usage in better manner and we convey it well. Read the given sentences and master your art of conversation. You may also share your queries wherever you face difficulties in framing sentences. You may also get in touch with more material and notifications with our telegram group. You may search by “English By Aditya Dubey- Defence Guru”.


  • We must be practical and result oriented, we must apply the whole bag of tricks to achieve success in our goals.
  •  A delivery man does his best efforts to deliver the goods within time to avoid any kind of negative feedback from user.
  • Credulous people deliver the goods within set time frame to maintain their credibility.
  •  We must check our enrolment no with a fine tooth comb before appearing in the examination.
  • While leaving for interview, one should check the list of required documents with a fine tooth comb to ensure any forgetfulness.
  •  To deal with challenging situations we must explore all the avenues to come up with feasible solution.
  • Since we are close to ACID Test so we should fast-track our studies.
  • When we are close to ACID Test, we must explore all the avenues to put the show on the road on fast track basis. 
  • When our parents visit our PG, we rush to put our ducks in a row.
  • If we put our ducks in a row, we get them instantly in a hurry.
  • The sincerity of a candidate is clear from the way he puts ducks in a row.
  • The actual results of preparation get visible when we put the show on the road.
  • Since we have prepared well so far now it is the time to get the show on the road.
  • Since we are close to exams so there no more scope of much discussion of derivations, we must hit the road running with our hard work.
  • Since I had already worked in that company so I started hitting the road running the time I rejoined it.
  • Team spirit is based on roots not on ivory towers.
  • Career in Armed Forces requires a candidate to come out of ivory tower.
  • Living in an ivory tower makes a person completely inaccessible to the ground realities.
  • Living beyond the means will make us a consistent borrower.
  • The use of smartphones has made us have the whole world by its tail.
  • Come on, wake up and have the world by its tail.
  • Chasing one’s tail makes a person achieve very little and he comes up with a wooden spoon.
  • Amrita keeps up her appearance on social network even if she is so busy in NCC or in CDS preparation.
  • We must keep up our appearance in front of our opponents.
  • His self-belief and ability to take risk made him the top dog of this industry.
  • Over negotiation shows that a person wants a Champaign on a beer budget.
  • In the beginning some people live beyond their means and later they want Champaign on a beer budget. 
  • Final merit list will decide whether the candidate sinks or swims.
  • Come what may, we have already started our journey and are ready for all ACID Tests. Let’s see whether sink or swim.
  • Getting successful for any entry in Armed Forces, people can get a place in the sun.
  • Failures teach us a lot as they have a great learning if taken positively else Murphy’s Law always gets implemented.
  • Shahid Kapoor’s last smash hit was Kabir Singh.
  • One who follows early to rise, early to bed will never miss the boat.
  • We should keep up our appearances in challenging situations too as it is easy to function when things are on pig’s back.
  • A competitor must keep his finger on the pulse to get updated with the latest information.
  • Due to a small mistake a golden opportunity gets slipped through our fingers.
  • To be successful in competitions, one should keep one’s finger on the pulse by reading newspaper.
  • Television makes us keep our fingers on the pulse.
  • Jo biden had a landslide victory in US election.
  • While talking about responsibilities, generally our parents say, “Making the reputation of family or breaking it is in your hand.”
  • Our way of thinking either makes it or breaks it.
  • After lockdown many people are living on the breadline.
  • Bad habits must go up in smoke.
  • A person is able to sail through something if he has stamina to prove himself in adverse conditions and courage to explore avenues.
  • Our result orientation makes us sail through all the challenges.


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