NDA Passing Out Parade 2023

NDA Passing Out Parade 2023
30-May 2023...........

NDA Passing Out Parade 2023: Know All Details

In an atmosphere full of joy, passion, and camaraderie, cadets from the NDA-144 course will march smartly with their brothers at National Defence Academy Khadakwasla. Today on the 30th May 2023, Cadets will cross ‘the Antim Pag’ in the NDA Passing Out Parade Ceremony 2023. Today, Hundreds of Parents will be proud of their sons who will now embark on their journey to IMA, INA, and AFA for further training. Today is a great day for India as a whole also, because today India will receive Bravehearts who will serve in Indian Armed Forces after one and half years.


NDA Passing Out Parade 2023

NDA Passing Out Parade 2023 took place on 30th May in which 475 Cadets of the NDA-144 Course crossed Antim Pag and became ready to join IMA, INA, and AFA. NDA Passing Out Parade 2023 was led by Cadet Anuj Kumar. Chief of Defence Staff Anil Chauhan, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, SM, and VSM was the chief guest of the NDA- 144 Course passing out parade ceremony and he was welcomed by a flypast of 3 Chetak Helicopters.


National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla

National Defence Academy is the prestigious defence academy that trains Cadets who are going to be officers in  Army, Navy, and Airforce. National Defence Academy is known for imparting the highest level of military training to Cadets. National Defence Academy is the first military academy in the world that trains cadets from all three wings of the Armed Forces i.e. Army, Navy, and Airforce. National Defence Academy is situated in Khadakwasla, Pune. National Defence Academy is spread over 6780 acres and is surrounded by a very pleasant atmosphere. NDA has a prestigious and heroic record of having 3 Param Veer Chakra, 32 Mahaveer Chakra, 163 Veer Chakra, 12 Ashok Chakra, 45 Kirti Chakra, and 162 Shaurya Chakra.


NDA Passing Out Parade 2023 Prize Winners List



NDA- 144 Course Gold Medal

Cadet Afreed Afroz

NDA- 144 Course Silver Medal

Cadet Anshu Kumar (Quebec Squadron)

NDA- 144 Course Bronze Medal

Cadet Praveen Singh (India Squadron)

NDA- 144 Course Champion Squadron

Romeo Squadron, received by Cadet Nishkarsh Rathore




Now These 475 Lucky Bravehearts Cadets will be a part of their parent service training academies i.e. IMA, INA, and AFA where they will undergo training for one and half years. NDA has always been a cradle of leadership that has produced the finest officers in India such as Captain Manoj Pandey, Lieutenant Arun Khetrpal, CDS Vipin Rawat and so many other legendary officers. Many of these cadets will one day join the league of these legendary officers by serving Mother India.


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