Tips for Snake Race in SSB Interview

Tips for Snake Race in SSB Interview
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Group Obstacle Race (Snake Race) in SSB Interview


Crossword... does it remind you of something? The everyday column of newspaper, the ever favorite activity of oldies and children… remember?

Well if you are familiar with it then good news for you buddy, because snake race- a crucial task of GTO in SSB is a resemblance of crossword. Unusual link right?

Nevertheless, time to move forward with this exciting notion of ‘snake race’. What? How? Why? There is an answer for each question just keep following the below lines:


Snake race, nay, group obstacle race is the 4th task of GTO session in SSB. This is a group+ outdoor task and demands each group to carry a load in the form of a snake while crossing certain obstacles. There is a particular time limit as well as provision of penalty being imposed. It’s fun, exciting and enthralling.  The details of the procedure will be explained further.


The aim behind crafting this task centralizes majorly on team spirit. It examines your mental as well as physical stamina. Add to that the GTO makes close observation of the participants so as to judge their Officer Like Qualities (OLQs). Individual characteristics specifically leadership quality and co- operative spirit are deeply assessed. Apart from these major benchmarks other notions foregrounded in Snake Race are: determination, courage, innovation, responsibility, enthusiasm, active involvement and self confidence.

Do you want to know a little secret? Get back to your childhood, play it like any other teen game except with certain rules in consideration. Such an approach will make you enjoy the task.


Talking of the procedure, snake race is an easy- to- execute group task.

Candidates are divided into 4 groups. Each group consists of 10- 12 members.

Each group is assigned its own path and a load which is nothing but a bag of sack rolled into the shape of snake.

The fun side is that each group selects its slogan alias ‘nara’ such as “jo bole so nihal” etc.

The snake is to be held up by 3 members while crossing the obstacle but when passing from 1 obstacle to the next all candidates should hold up the snake. It should not touch the ground in any case. Also, the snake has to be kept straight.

Candidates must not cross the bound region; must not violate any rule else penalty will be imposed; and must not touch the red- color marked portion of any obstacle.

Coming on to the obstacles, the first one is a ramp; second is a figure of eight; third is spider’s web, fourth is double wall, fifth is single wall while the last one is giant slide.


Tips for Group Obstacle Race (Snake Race) :

Keep in mind why you are made to perform this task: to exhibit good leadership quality, team spirit, excellent cooperation and OLQs. Once you have got to the root, the aim of snake race your output will automatically be in synchronization with it.

Commence with listening carefully to the GTO when he explains you the rule.

Try to initiate the task. Help the group in electing a slogan+ give valuable ideas to cross the hurdles.

Do not be aggressive at any point and never let panic reflect through your expression or behavior.

Don’t shout at the group members. Maintain a calm tone of speech.

Do not complain or scold any group member if things go astray because all eyes and ears will be on you so present your best.

If your group is asked to repeat any act then instead of showing reluctance be a volunteer. It will create a lasting impression.

Be actively involved and show some enthusiasm.

Help the group to come to the finishing line. If you have reached early then wait for others. Show some amiability.

Be vigilant enough not to violate any rule.

Boost yourself, get an energy drink or some healthy snack because being lethargic will drop your chances of selection.

Be confident and be ready to get some injuries. You heard it right… injuries! Since it’s a sporty outdoor task it’s quite obvious that you might get hurt. So take it courageously and continue with the same spirit. Let not any injury halt your performance.

When you are faced with a challenge try to seek a way out of it not into it. After all, a bold and hearty person has a higher rate of success.

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