List Of Best Coaching for NDA SSB Interview In India 2022

List Of Best Coaching for NDA SSB Interview In India 2022
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Candidates who are not from defence background or those who have aspiration to serve in defence forces as officers should know what SSB is ?

When a candidate cracked the written exam of NDA then they got an invitation from the selection board. NDA exam are held twice in a year mainly in the months of April and September. Only 2 or 3 times date and month had changed just because of Covid otherwise it never.


What happens in SSB Interview?

Service Selection Board (SSB) which conducts personality and intelligence interviews. Over the 5 to 6 days which scientifically analyses each candidate’s potential and capability for commission in the Armed Forces of India.

It’s known as one of the hardest  interview  selections in India. The candidate selection ratio is very low in SSB.


DAY : 0 - Reporting day


You have to submit all your documents to this day


DAY : 1 - screening test


This day candidates are given Intelligence  Test.

 Then  there is the Picture Perception Test in which a slide is shown for 30 seconds. The candidate has to observe it very carefully and in the next minute the candidate has to mark the number of characters seen in the picture in a box made in the sheet provided to them and the main theme of their story. candidates also need to identify one character which they saw first. In 4 minutes a candidate needs to write a story , it is expected that a candidate should write a story in 70 words or more.


DAY : 2 - psychology test

Thematic Apperception Test  (TAT) - commonly known as picture story writing

Here candidates are shown clear pictures, in which the candidate has to observe it for 30 seconds and then need to write a story on it.

Word Association Test (WAT) - WHAT is the second physiological test in the SSB selection process.

In this test candidates are shown a word on a screen for 15 seconds. In this time, the candidate has to write the first thought that comes to his or her mind.

Situation Reaction Test (SRT) -

You will be given 60 situations one by one listed on a paper with some space left to write your answer (you guessed it right it is Subjective). The time limit is 1 hour for this. The situations are real life ones so don’t worry.

Self Description Test (SD), or a variation of this like description from the point of view of parents, teachers, colleagues, neighbours, etc.

Total 15 minutes are given to write their responses.

Day 3 and Day 4 : GTO Tasks -

Group Testing Officers (GTO) Test

The following tests are conducted in this category :-

  1. Group discussion
  2. Group Planning Exercise (sometimes known as Military Planning Exercise)
  3. Progressive Group Tasks
  4. Half Group Tasks
  5. Individual Obstacles
  6. Group Obstacles Race or Snake Race
  7. Command Task
  8. Lecturette 
  9. Final Group Task

Note:Interview :- (Held during afternoon/evening hours on 2nd/3rd/4th day)


Day 5 : Conference -

On the final day, every Assessor and the candidate sit together and have a chat- the fate of the candidate for that SSB is decided by the Assessors collectively there. The candidates are required to appear before the complete Board of Examiners composed of President, Deputy President, all the psychologists, all the GTOs, and Technical Officer.


NOW here comes which academy is better to get your dream come true.

Join Top SSB Coaching in India for Cracking SSB Interview


1. Centurion Defence Academy, Lucknow

  • Centurion Defence Academy is Best SSB Coaching in India, have the best experienced faculty members who are best in their Field
  • CDA have our own ground where you can do GTO and Physical test
  • Here in centurion a team of retired ex SSB president , GTO, physiologist from Army , Air Force and Navy
  • CDA collect each and every students data so, we can connect individually
  • CDA provide better interior where students can focus on their study
  • CDA provide free study materials
  • Every year almost 10 to 15 students selected for SSB
  • Centurion Defence Academy are No 1 SSB Coaching in whole UP region
  • Students whole becomes officer from our academy comes to share their experience
  • CDA provide Motivational speech


  2. Cavalier India, Pune

  • If you are from pune or from Maharashtra region then you should join this SSB Coaching to crack SSB Interview
  • They provide ample practice for lecurrete and group discussion on current topics
  • They use  latest technology base on teaching techniques which provides our students unique advantages
  • They maintain high quality in their training to ensure an unviable success rate
  • Bach duration 14 days
  • Hostel free


3. Siegwald Academy, Kolkata

  • If students is from kolkata or bengal region ca join siegwald academy
  • they  provide 2 weeks SSB Training
  • Fresh batch of SSB interview starts every monday
  • Apart from NDA and CDS they provide other government preparation also

4. Cadets Point Defence Academy, Noida

  • Students who are from noida and want to prepare SSB interview they can join this Academy
  • They provide hostel facility, free study material, demo SSB interview, medical facility etc.
  • They have the team of ex examinar of SSB interview
  • They also launches online classes

5. SSB Coaching Institute, Chennai

  • Students whore from tamil or chennai region and want to prepare for SSB interview can join this Academy,
  • Apart from SSB its provide other defence exam preparation also
  • They provide online classes
  • They have the best teachers who can lead you to crack SSB Interview
  • They also provide free Ebooks


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