Group Planning Exercise (GPE) in SSB Interview

Group Planning Exercise (GPE) in SSB Interview
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Turn your small into your big!

Plan meticulously- convey explicitly- convince others to accept your scheme! That is it. This is the outer- the inner- the complete crux of what we are covering today, that is, GPE.


Pander into the details of Group Planning Exercise (GPE)- its description+ tips with the following notations:

Second in chain in GTO tasks, the Group Planning Exercise is a verbal+ reasoning+ group exercise. It is often referred to as Military Planning Exercise (MPE).The punch line is Narrative- Solution- Common Decision. In GPE each group is provided with a problem, following which each candidate individually solves it, frames a plan and then narrate it to the whole group. That was all about individual effort. Group endeavor lies in explaining your solution to everyone and convincing them to accept your plan as the best one so as to reach to it through a common story.

Ahead of the procedure is the aim. There are a slew of characteristics that are examined in GPE which includes: candidate’s ability to comprehend the problem, to identify the resources, and to draft a solution; how rational and logical his approach is; his presentation and narrative skill; and his convincing power.

Huh! A lot of work is it? But all mental and verbal so just sit and act.

As simple the procedure goes, the simpler the tips are:

Read the problem carefully given in GPE sheet, understand it, and analyze it.

Jot down essential points such as: time, number of people, distance, location, and resources.

Make a strategic use of time and resources to reach the solution.

Organize the problems in a sequence as per priority. Don’t be random, show some organizational charm.

Instead of relying on other agencies like police try to be the savior and dig in your own way.

While discussing your points with the group members support it with valid reasons.

Be reasonable in your narration+ co- operate with the group members.

Give them a fair chance to speak and let the group jointly come to a conclusion.

Listen attentively to the GTO while he explains the plot of the model presented before you in the beginning. Your vigilant presence will help in easing out further steps.

Oh and please don’t indulge in any nonsense, out of the world solutions like “will catch the enemy alone” or “will fight the whole army”. Be realistic.

GPE is a measure of clarity of your thoughts and the pace at which you are able to deliver a perfect solution. In simple words it is an on- spot exercise but but but a little practice beforehand won’t cost you harm.

GPE is hence a duo of individual+ group act, mental+ verbal skills and perhaps the most fun- loving, interesting and chill- out task of GTO. All you need to do is enjoy GPE win GPE

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