How to lose weight for SSB Medical?

How to lose weight for SSB Medical?
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How to lose weight for SSB Medical?

SSB Medical is a medical process where  Candidates undergo various medical tests. In these medical tests, Candidates’ fitness is checked on various parameters of the Armed Forces. This medical test process is of 4-5 days. After this SSB medical, candidates are declared fit or given temporary rejection or permanent rejection. Candidates can appeal against temporary rejection and correct the problem. 


Indian Armed forces follow a dedicated parameter of weight for male and female candidates. The weight limit varies according to the height and age of the aspirants. Candidates can check their weight from the following chart-


Height-Weight Chart for Male Candidates




Age 15-17

Age 18-22

Age 23-27

Age 28-32


46-49 Kg

47-50 Kg

50-54 Kg

54-58 Kg


50-53 Kg

51-55 Kg

55-59 Kg

59-63 Kg


54-56 Kg

56-59 Kg

60-64 Kg

63-66 Kg


57-60 Kg

59-63 Kg

64-69 Kg

67-71 Kg


61-63 Kg

64-66 Kg

69-72 Kg

72-74 Kg


64 Kg

67-68 Kg

73-74 Kg

75 Kg



Height-Weight Chart for Female Candidates




Age 20-25

Age 26-30

148-151 Cm

43-45 Kg

46-48 Kg

152-155 Cm

46-48 Kg

49-51 Kg

156-160 Cm

49-51 Kg

52-55 Kg

160-165 Cm

52-54 Kg

55-58 Kg

166-171 Cm

55-58 Kg

59-62 Kg

172-176 Cm

59-61 Kg

63-66 Kg

177-178 Cm

62-63 Kg




How to lose weight for SSB Medical?


If you are an overweight candidate, then you must lose weight before you go for SSB. Because an overweight candidate has fewer chances of recommendation in SSB. And during SSB medical, overweight candidates are given temporary rejection. But we can help you out in losing weight.


  • Daily Running

Running is the best exercise to lose weight. Try to run shorter distances in starting and gradually increase the distance. You can start with 800 meters and then gradually increase to a 5 km daily run. Daily Running will improve stamina and help you to lose weight.


  • Drink a Sufficient Amount of water

Candidates must drink a sufficient amount of water if they want to lose weight and maintain proper medical fitness. Candidates must drink at least 2-3 Liters of water for losing weight.


  • Totally Avoid Junk Food

Junk Food is your biggest enemy if you are overweight and want to lose weight. Junk food has high calories and increases your weight that's why you must avoid junk food.


  • Follow a Strict Diet plan

For losing weight you must follow a strict diet plan and avoid that food that has high-calorie intake. Candidates should increase the quantity of protein and reduce fat in their diet.


  • Do Full Body Workouts

Candidates should do full-body workouts to lose weight. Candidates should do pushups, chin-ups, squats, and stretching exercises to lose weight. Candidates should start gradually and then increase the duration of exercise.


  • Adopt Sports Hobbies

Candidates should adopt Sports Hobbies like Cricket, Football, Badminton, etc to maintain proper weight. These sports will enhance your physical fitness and help you to maintain proper weight.


Losing weight is not an easy and short process. Candidates should be consistent in their efforts and start these activities as habits. Candidates keep tracking their results and time to time keep rewarding themselves for good results. For More SSB related tips and Defence News,  Keep reading Defence Guru. Defence Guru is a dedicated platform for the preparation of Defence related Exams. We provide tips, study material, news, current affairs, etc.

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