How to Write Story for Blank Slide in TAT of SSB Interview

How to Write Story for Blank Slide in TAT of SSB Interview
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How to Write Story for Blank Slide in TAT of SSB Interview with Examples


TAT or Thematic Apperception Test is one of the psychological tests conducted in the SSB Interview. This is a widely used psychological method to assess the thinking of people. This test is conducted to evaluate candidates' imaginative ability, decision-making quality, thought process, optimum use of resources, and ability to solve problems. During this test, a variety of images are shown to candidates and candidates have to write a story based on everything they observed in the picture.


Process of TAT (Thematic Apperception Test)


TAT Test is the first test conducted in psychology tests. In TAT, a Total of 12 Sildes (11 Pictures+1 Blank Slide) are shown. Candidates have to write stories. Candidates get 30 seconds to observe the picture and 4 minutes to write the story.


Why there is a blank slide in TAT (Thematic Apperception Test)?


The main purpose of the blank slide in the TAT Test is to check your subconscious mind. Assessors want to know how candidates’ subconscious mind react to the previous 11 pictures. Blank Slide is kept in TAT to evaluate your free thinking. In TAT, No inputs are provided that’s why candidates can think freely to make their own stories. That’s the main objective of the blank slide in TAT to evaluate the free subconscious mind of candidates.


How to Write Story For Blank Slide in TAT of SSB Interview with Examples


Normally, candidates write good stories over pictures in TAT, but when it comes to blank slides, candidates do not have any clue. Often candidates write an already-prepared story. But, This is the wrong approach. Because an already-prepared story will not have any relation to previous slides/pictures shown to candidates. Before writing the story for the blank slide in TAT Test, candidates must understand the purpose of the blank slides, the blank slide is kept in TAT to evaluate candidates’ subconscious minds of candidates based previous 11 slides. That’s why it will not be a prudent strategy to write a pre-prepared story for the blank slide in the TAT Test.


Few Things that must be kept in mind before writing a story for the blank slide-


  • Candidates must understand that the main character of the story must resemble them. The main character of the story shows your own OLQs. Try to imagine how you will react to the situation before writing the story for the picture or the blank slide.


  • Do not write a pre-prepared story in the blank. Closely observe the previous 11 pictures and then write a proper story based on the information you perceived in the previous 11 slides. For example- If the majority of pictures in TAT are about college/school, then make a story around a college/school project.


  • Try to show OLQs (Officer Like Qualities) through your actions, not through words. For example, Do not write that He/She is brave. Instead of this write, He/She faced the situation and took bold actions to solve the problem, etc.


  • The blank slide can show your true aim in your life. Write your career goals and how are you going to achieve them. But write a story based on your life goals only in case you are not able to think of any story related to previous pictures.


Example of Blank Slide Story in Thematic Apperception Test


1st Example Story


Shreya is a student in class 11th at St. Francis School. Recently, Her Biology Teacher allotted her and other 4 students a project on building a skeleton model for the upcoming exhibition in the college. Shreya decided to become the group leader so that group activity can be managed smoothly. Shreya divided the work among the other three members based on their choice. She collected information from books, his biology teacher, and the internet to make a good skeleton model. She observed other skeleton models also to make her model look good. She decided to use a 3D printer to build the skeleton model. She requested the school principal to allow her to use the 3D printer. She along with her 3 Team Members started printing each part of the skeleton after getting approval. Shreya and her Team assembled each part and presented their skeleton model in the exhibition. Shreya decided to explain the skeleton model to visitors as she had complete information about each part. After the exhibition, her team won the prize of the best model in the exhibition.


2nd Example Story


Ravish is a 40-year-old man mechanic by profession. When he was going to his garage, he saw an army truck on the road in a dilapidated condition. He asked the officer inside that truck about the problem. He got to know from the officer that their truck has broken down and they have to reach a place. Ravish told the officer that he is a mechanic and can fix the truck. After getting the officer’s approval, he got the truck towed and took it at that nearby ravish's garage. after thoroughly examining and taking suggestions from the officer ravish repaired the truck. Due to the help offered by Ravish, the officer inside the Army Truck was able to reach his destination on time.


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