Nature of commission in PIQ Form

Nature of commission in PIQ Form
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What is required to write in “Nature of Commission” in the PIQ Form

The SSB Interview integrates several personality tests to measure a candidate's prospects for becoming an officer. PIQ stands for Personal Information Questionnaire in the context of the SSB Interview, which is a collection of basic questions that assessors use to evaluate candidates adequately during the interview. Interview questions in the SSB interview are typically based on what you present in your PIQ form, which contains relevant information about the applicant. One of these questions is about the nature of the commission, which essentially indicates whether the candidate is interested in joining the Permanent Commission (PC) or the Short Service Commission (SSC). In this article, we will discuss in detail the nature of the commission and the major points of difference.


  • The SSB entry for which the candidate is applying is either a Permanent Commission (PC) or a Short Service Commission (SSC) (SSC). While filling out the PIQ form, candidates must indicate the type of their commission.

  • For example, if someone has applied to the National Defence Academy (NDA), he or she must write Permanent Commission there since applicants are offered Permanent Commission in the Indian Armed Forces after graduating from the NDA.

  • Conversely, if a candidate has applied for the Officers' Training Academy (OTA), he or she must fill out the Short Service Commission because the OTA candidates are offered this commission only.

Types of Commission in the Indian Armed Forces

Candidates preparing for the defence exams must understand the distinction between permanent and short service commission  Candidates who want to enter the Indian Armed Forces as officers have two options: Permanent Commission (PC) or Short Service Commission (SSC) (SSC). We've written an in-depth article in the sections below to assist you to understand the difference between permanent commission and short service commission.


What is Permanent Commission (PC)?

A Permanent Commission is a commitment to serve in the Indian Armed Forces till retirement. To put it another way, a Permanent Commission in the Armed Forces entails a career opportunity to serve the country as an officer from the time you join until you retire.


What is the Short Service Commission (SSC)?

A Short Service Commission is a career opportunity in the Armed Forces for a limited duration, such as an initial tenure of ten years that can be extended for an additional four years. Overall, a career in the Armed Forces for a maximum of 14 years.

Options Available After 10 Years of Service - 

Officers have three alternatives after serving in the Armed Forces for an initial commitment of ten years under the Short Service Commission, as mentioned below.

  • 1. To opt for Permanent Commission
  • 2. To opt for 4 years service extension
  • 3. To opt for retirement after 10 years

If opting for a Permanent Commission

Officers are subject to service requirements, vacancy availability, willingness, suitability, and merit, as outlined in the applicable policies issued from time to time.

If opting for 4 Years Service Extension

Officers are selected based on service requirements, vacancy availability, willingness, suitability, and merit. If their service is prolonged, they can quit at any point during the four-year extension period.

If opting for Retirement after 10 years of Service

Officers would not be eligible for pensions if they retire after ten years of duty because the minimum duration of service in the Armed Forces for officers to be eligible for pension is twenty years.


Entry Schemes as per Commission

Permanent Commission

  • National Defence Academy (NDA), Pune
  • Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun
  • Air Force Academy, Hyderabad
  • Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala
  • NCC Special Entry through CDS

Short Service Commission

  • Officers Training Academy (OTA), Chennai (Men & Women)
  • SSC (Non-Technical) Men & Women
  • SSC (Technical) Men & Women
  • SSC (NCC) Men & Women
  • SSC (JAG) Men & Women


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