Officer Like qualities factor four

Officer Like qualities factor four
07-March 2021 2.00


It is very important to be disciplined in every aspect; at the same time a dynamic personality helps an individual to bring out determination, courage and stamina.


Determination can be defined as perseverance. It is a combination of courage, boldness and dedication. It all comes with an attitude to endeavor and endurance. It’s a constant effort that a person puts in to acquire desired goals while going through various problems. It’s the ability that forces to move constantly to achieve objective with priority given towards the achievement of the goal. A fixed and energetic approach is required for the purpose.


In order to take up and handle a given task, courage and high morale are both required to achieve a target. It is the ability to keep oneself composed during adverse circumstances and facing various hurdles to meet desired goals. It’s not about physical courage but intellectual daring.


Stamina means the physical and mental strength to do something for a long time. It can be judged through one’s caliber to bear pressure or stress for a prolonged period. It is point of competence when after being tired; one continues his task with full strength for further duration.

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