Original Pictures for Free PP&DT Practice on Various Themes

Original Pictures for Free PP&DT Practice on Various Themes
25-October 2023...........

In the entire SSB interview process, PP&DT is the most challenging task to tackle for many defence aspirants. Students need to do extensive practice to get screened in. Do you know that a recent survey shows that more than 80% of defence aspirants find screening i.e. PP&DT to be the most difficult among all the tests of SSB Interview. This is because the candidates who do not pass this screening test are eliminated on the very first day of the 5-Day SSB Interview. To help defence aspirants pass the screening test easily, we are sharing 40 original pictures for free PP&DT practice on various themes. These sample PP&DT pictures will provide you with enough themes to practice and excel in this test.


The whole internet is flooded with copied and duplicate pictures under the name of PP&DT practice, and this leads to ambiguity and prohibits the real practice for the screening test. Thus, we have come up with 40 original sample PP&DT pictures to give you a real glimpse of the actual SSB preparation. These pictures are quite unique and follow the pattern of actual PP&DT sessions, which are held at various SSBs across India.


Why are PP&DT pictures hazy and unclear?


Since the real PP&DT pictures are hazy and unclear, we have also created the same types of pictures in blurred form. Do you know why the PP&DT pictures are blurred? There can also be clear and complete pictures, but they still show you a hazy one. The major reason behind it is that they actually facilitate the expansion of your thought process. They want to check your imagination, your perception, and the clarity of your thoughts. It is you who, after observing the picture for 30 seconds, will decide the number of characters, the hero of the story, the gender, and the mood of the characters. Since there is a lack of clarity in the picture, everything that you will write in your story is based on your imagination and thought process. I hope it is clear now.


Let us also talk about the other side. Suppose they show you a clear picture of your favorite cricketer, say Virat Kohli, batting in a stadium. Now, do you think there is any need for imagination or creativity? I will say no because here everything is clear to you, and your story will revolve around Virat Kohli only. This approach will neither reveal your imagination nor your thought-making process. This is why a blurred and hazy image is shown in PP&DT so as to reveal your true personality and assess whether you possess officer-like qualities.

1. 1st PP&DT Image


2. 2nd PP&DT Image

3. 3rd PP&DT Image

4. 4th PP&DT Image

5. 5th PP&DT Image

6. 6th PP&DT Image

7. 7th PP&DT Image

8. 8th PP&DT Image

9. 9th PP&DT Image

10. 10th PP&DT Image

11. 11th PP&DT Image

12. 12th PP&DT Image

13. 13th PP&DT Image

14. 14th PP&DT Image

15. 15th PP&DT Image

16. 16th PP&DT Image

17. 17th PP&DT Image

18. 18th PP&DT Image

19. 19th PP&DT Image

20. 20th PP&DT Image

21. 21st PP&DT Image

22. 22nd PP&DT Image

23. 23rd PP&DT Image

24. 24th PP&DT Image

25. 25th PP&DT Image

26. 26th PP&DT Image

27. 27th PP&DT Image

28. 28th PP&DT Image

29. 29th PP&DT Image

30. 30th PP&DT Image

31. 31st PP&DT Image

32. 32nd PP&DT Image

33. 33rd PP&DT Image

34. 34th PP&DT Image

35. 35th PP&DT Image

36. 36th PP&DT Image

37. 37th PP&DT Image

38. 38th PP&DT Image

39. 39th PP&DT Image

40. 40th PP&DT Image


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