How to Prepare for the Upcoming NDA SSB Interview 2023?

How to Prepare for the Upcoming NDA SSB Interview 2023?
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NDA-2 2023 has already taken place on the 3rd of September 2023 and now NDA aspirants are awaiting the next stage which is SSB Interview. As aspirants leap towards another stage, they need to prepare for the SSB Interview very well. SSB Interview requires no explanation as to why it needs serious preparation. SSB Interview is among one of the hardest selection processes with a selection rate as low as 2-3% only. At times, this rate rolls down to 0% when the whole batch gets washed out. But you do not need to take any pressure because we are going to provide you with the right preparation strategy for the SSB Interview. In this article, we are going to tell you about How to Prepare for the Upcoming NDA SSB Interview 2023.


NDA SSB Interview 2023


As we have already told you, the SSB Interview is the second stage of the NDA exam. In this stage, candidates undergo a selection process of five days in which several outdoor and indoor tests are conducted to check candidates’ suitability for the armed forces. This selection process is aimed at assessing the leadership qualities of candidates. SSB Interview is based on the philosophy of ‘मनसा’ (Mind), ‘वाचा’ (Speech), and ‘कर्मणा’ (Action). SSB Interview evaluates your mind through various psychological tests such as PP&DT, TAT, SRT, and WAT. SSB Interview evaluates your speech through various tests such as group discussion and lecturette. Finally, the SSB Interview evaluates your actions through GTO tests.

How to Prepare for the Upcoming NDA SSB Interview 2023?


1. Know the Process of SSB Interview


If you are a fresher candidate, then it is very important to know the process of the SSB Interview. SSB Interview is a five-selection process in which various tests are conducted.



                       Tests conducted in SSB Interview



1st Day

Screening Process


OIR (Officer Intelligence Rating) Test


PPD&DT (Picture Perception and Description Test)

2nd Day

Psychology Tests


TAT (Thematic Apperception Test)

WAT (Word Association Test)

SRT (Situation Reaction Test)

SD (Self Description Test)

3rd Day

GTO Day-1


Group Discussion

Group Planning Exercise

PGT (Progressive Group Task)


Personal Interview- (It may be conducted on the 4th day also)

4th Day

GTO Day-1


Half Group Task

Individual Obstacle Test

Snake Race

Command Task

5th Day




2. Follow a routine


It is very important to follow a routine that includes physical exercise and knowledge enhancement. By following a routine you will be able to prepare well for the SSB Interview. Your daily routine reflects a lot about you, a person with a systematic daily routine is considered as a serious person. A strict daily routine also reflects how disciplined you are. You can leave an impression in the personal interview if you express yourself in such a way that you follow routine. This factor is very important for the SSB Interview, because Armed Forces expect a person to be disciplined and serious.


3. Keep Yourself Updated with Current Affairs


Armed Forces expect their officers to be well aware that’s why they will hardly prefer a person with limited knowledge of current affairs. Candidates who are preparing for the SSB Interview must follow any good national newspaper so that they stay updated with national and international news. This knowledge of current affairs will greatly help you in group discussions, lecturette, and personal interview. It is recommended that candidates should make some notes of important topics so that they can revise in the last minute.


4. Pursue a Hobby and Start Physical Exercise


It is not a strict criterion but Candidates with creative and sports backgrounds are preferred in SSB interview, because sports develop qualities of coordination and cooperation among players. Cooperation and Coordination are two qualities that are highly preferred in the SSB Interview. Involvement Sports reflect leadership qualities also. Physical Exercise is required to enhance your physical strength. There are some tests in GTO that demand physical strength so it is important to improve physical strength also.




Question- How are candidates recommended in SSB Interview?


Answer- Candidates are recommended based on their overall performance in the SSB Interview. Candidates are recommended by a combined panel of Interviewing Officer, Psychologist, GTO, and the President of the Board.


Question- What happens When Candidates are screened out on the first day?


Answer- In the SSB Interview, Candidates are disqualified either on the first day or on the 5th day. When a Candidate is screened out on the first day, it means he/she will not be part of this process and will have to leave on the same day.


Question- What are the charges for the SSB Interview?


Answer- There are no monetary charges for SSB Interviewing. You will be provided food and lodging during your stay in the selection board. You may have to pay for items sold in the canteen.


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