Latest Group Discussion Tips in SSB Interview

Latest Group Discussion Tips in SSB Interview
04-October 2019...........

Group Discussion (GD) in SSB

Discussion is a tool in the hands of civilized men to let his voice resonate!

Dear SSB applicants let yourself immerse into the trajectory of Group Discussion because today is all about Discussion- its structures and tips.

Majorly spelt as G.D, Group Discussion is the foremost task in the chain of GTO tests. As simple as the name, the task is all about discussing. It is a verbal+ group task. Candidates are seated circularly in the form of a group and are assigned a topic upon which they present their views. A different tangent is added to the exercise as there are 2 G.Ds. In the first one, group members are given a plethora of topics out of which they choose 1 while in the 2nd round there is no option, the GTO gives only 1 topic. Both of them lasts up to 15- 20 minutes.

To make the picture clear, the topics given are quite general not anything out of the box.

The central motive lying behind organizing G.D session is to check in your knowledge, narration, co- ordination, patience and above all, confidence.

Other objectives involve- planning, intelligence, reasoning, responsibility, social skills, initiative and courage!

Beforehand preparation tips:

Going with prior practice adds nothing but benefit to your success graph. What I mean here is this besides tips and hacks you need some pre- planned tailoring which incorporates:

Getting habitual of reading newspaper daily+ give priority to burning current topics+ get into the details of the topic such as its history, scope, development and current situation+ subscribe some essential blogs, news, journals and forums; most importantly get involved in group discussion with your peers quite often so as to be acquainted with the exercise.

That said, brace up for some important do’s and don’ts to excel in your G.D:

Be kind in your discussion. Don’t be aggressive, loud or dominating.

Remain seated during the discussion.

Check out for your movements such as no pointing with fingers.

Make way for other’s opinion as well. Give your group mates a fair chance to speak.

Avoid fish market situation to rise and if it does then tackle it smartly.

Think well before speaking. Keep only logical, reasonable and fact- proof points.

Your communication skills are at stake so have a calm, fluent communication.

Be clear in raising your notions.

Try to initiate the discussion. This is the best hack to mark a lasting impression.

The more knowledgeable your narration goes the more effective turns out.

Be genuine and avoid saying controversial things. Keep it simple yet informative.

To add up spice, grace the exercise with a stupendous confidence because nothing beats it like a super self- confident speaker.

To tell you a secret always begin with defining the topic. In a sequential manner plunge on to its recent situation, development and then you can support your answer through history, facts and past data.

Certain petty issues can make a big difference such as: body gesture, eye contact, language, tone, attitude towards other and manners.

Your overall personality comes to the forefront so let the stage see the best of you.

Do pay attention to your dressing sense and outlook before appearing in the G.D. don’t be shabby, dress up in a decent manner.

Touch up with a mild smile!

Vested with above tips your task in G.D, I hope, is now made easier. Simply proceed with an optimistic mindset!


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