SSB Interview Conference Questions

SSB Interview Conference Questions
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Questions You Will Face In SSB Interview Conference

The Conference is a vital stage in the SSB INterview. During the conference, the three assessors (psychologist, interviewing officer, and GTO) review a candidate's performance and whether or not to recommend him or her. On the fifth day of SSB testing, all of the assessors of a particular board, including the President and Deputy President, meet to discuss and evaluate the results of the candidates appearing in the 5-day-long testing process of the Services Selection Board. In this article, we'll go over some of the important questions that are asked during the SSB Interview Conference, as well as some key points to remember while dealing with them.


SSB Conference Procedure and Important Instructions for Candidates


  • Candidates will be examined one by one in the sequence in which their Chest numbers are arranged. A bell and a display board with a chest number are usually used to notify candidates that it is their turn to enter the conference hall.

  • Candidates should dress nicely and wear their chest numbers neatly when appearing for the Conference; they should also control their emotions and remain cool in order to make an informed decision and quickly answer the relevant question.

  • Candidates should keep their anxieties in control and thank the person in front of them as soon as they enter the room. During the conference, they are usually handled by their interviewing officers, but other members of the board may be assigned to the task.

  • Candidates should remain focused and pay close attention to the questions, as well as speak clearly and loudly enough to be heard by others. Furthermore, as soon as you receive the commands, stand up slowly and quietly leave the room.


Common Questions Asked in SSB Conference


  1. How many friends did you make in these previous five days?

  2. In your group, who do you think is the best candidate?

  3. How do you think you did on the three tests?

  4. Do you notice any changes in yourself over the course of the SSB Testing?

  5. What are your plans following that?

  6. What were your feelings like during your time at SSB?

  7. Why haven't you been chosen in past attempts?

  8. Which test do you believe you could have performed significantly better on?

  9. What places in the city where your Board is located have you visited?

  10. In your 5-day SSB experience, which assessment did you enjoy the most?

  11. Do you have any recommendations for SSB's future enhancements?

  12. What are your alternative plans if you are not chosen this time?

  13. In the last five days, how were your stay, food, and lodging?

  14. When you compare your performance to past attempts, what differences do you notice?

  15. How many points will you give yourself on a scale of one to ten for your performance?


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