TIPS FOR LECTURETTE - SSB Interview Preparation

TIPS FOR LECTURETTE - SSB Interview Preparation
18-August 2017 2.00

Lecturette is one of the tests conducted by SSB to judge intelligence and personality of a candidate. It is a bit crucial to crack SSB interview. There is a series of test one after the other testing the credibility of candidate. Only few candidates are fortunate to be recommended for final round. The main purpose of lecturette is to test First, clarity of speech, expression and thought Second, conception and perception of the content which should be logical, brief and appropriate. Third, high confidence level, not complacent.

During a lecturette candidates sit on a squad post. Candidates sit according to allotted chest numbers. On a table certain cards are placed. Every card has four topics. As per instructions given by GTO the first candidate picks up a card. He chooses one topic and starts preparing for the topic in three minutes. As soon three minutes get over he speaks for the topic for another three minutes. In the meantime the next candidate picks a card and starts preparing during those three minutes. Once the first candidate finishes his lecturette the next candidate speaks over the topic. The process goes till all candidates finish their lecturette.

While preparing lecturette one should understand the topic well and write down basic ideas to speak over topic. First write introduction for the topic where the topic is introduced. Then comes the main content of the lecturette with a proper description comes. Do not beat around the bush and stick to the content. And finally conclude the topic with an appropriate conclusion. During the speech nonverbal communication also plays a very important role in speech. So maintain a proper body language. Stand erect and maintain a comfortable gap between your feet and shoulder square. Rest your hands at the back and avoid any movement. Don’t forget to maintain an eye contact with everyone in the group. And finally a simple smile works miraculously.

It is advised to prepare well for lecturette, this is how a candidate is judged by his performance.

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