The concept of Idealism by Utkarsh Anant

The concept of Idealism by Utkarsh Anant
16-July 2018 2.00

Idealism as reviewed from the perspective of many refers to the condition in which the object in consideration satisfies all the rules laid down for the most efficient working of the system.

The concept all Idealism listen is utilized everywhere. May it be an ideal engine based on the laws of thermodynamics or an individual based on on the laws of the society. But the question which arises is why idealism is preached everywhere, even when its existence in real world is null. Why do we try to produce something which does not ever exist?

To understand this we just need to understand the process of creation. Initially, you just have an idea in mind and with the means available, you transform the idea into reality. The first attempt may not produce the desired output but multiple attempts take you more closer to your ideal object.But, In each successive attempt you make, you must vary your methods.You cannot have different results by applying the same operations.

Idealism works the same way, it is just an object for reference you keep, so that when you try to create you make sure your creation is composed of the features as possessed by the ideal object.By varying the features, you try to make it the ideal one.

Idealistic Approach does Not mean to do work on a body as a whole, but instead it requires you to look at each individual quality and measure it against your ideal object and making amendments as necessary.When you do this for each individual quality, you will find out you have moved closer to your ideal object as a whole.This approach is not the one which can provide you instant results, but it is surely the one which would ascertain that you are moving in the right direction and the best part is that as you get the field of it you will be more determined and the next objective won't seem as difficult as it was in the beginning.

The laws of idealism were made so that you may not Stray farther away from what you were meant to be.They were made, so that, you can get a direction and sense of accomplishment, for your progress and when you will be the closest to your ideal object, you will qualify all the laws of idealism, as now you will be an ideal for others and ideal which exist in the real world, ideal which can be achieved.So the concept of idealism is all about testing your individual skills against your ideal object and improving them as required, just as SSB.



*Utkarsh Anant*

*SSB UES Aspirant*

Centurion Defence Academy

Alambagh Branch, Lucknow U.P.