27-July 2018 2.00


A country is nothing if not for its people.

For a booming (in more ways than one) country like India, sex education is of utmost importance.
India is currently a part of the generic scenario, where increase in population is a common occurance. A good chuck of its population suffers from health ailments and resource deprivation. Financial and economic pressures are huge, which lead to belief in the skewed concept of ‘More hands, more money’. People tend to birth more in order to earn more yet failing to understand the long term effects.
Death during and after child birth is rampart. People tend to birth more in order to compensate for the loss.
Infanticide is a huge problem and so is the general insensitive ignorance towards the idea of relationship, sex, child rearing and general health.
A good and well maintained setup of education that would include step by step exposure to the world of sex; tackling both its physical and mental side would aid in developing an understanding and stable population.
A work force derived from such a population will not only aid in progress of the country but will also lessen the existing burden on resources of the nation.    
On the contrary India should introduce proper “Sex Education” in schools and colleges. The children or teens of India are unaware of the most important biological changes they face in their later teen period.
Forget children, I guess many Indian adults are still unaware of many important aspects regarding sex and sexual health.
In India the word “sex” is still a taboo. But we are at the top of the world in terms of breeding. Our education still remains in the medieval practice of “Marriage is for children” concept.
We give a shit about population explosion and the side effects that comes with it. We just love to rot in our own shit pile in the name of “dharma” or “karma”.
Let's come back to the second part of the question “Why should we spoil small children's mind by teaching them about sex?”
I don't know what kind of bubble you are living in, buddy. Do you really think kids are that stupid that they don't know anything about it?
Let me give you one valid logic.

“When you try to hide something from kids, their curiosity increases and they research it in their own way secretly until they make some weird conclusions about it."

On the contrary if you open up and talk to the kids, it helps them to understand the things properly and their curiosity also goes away.
Most of the Indian parents don’t teach their children the whole things about sex, most of the parents in India feel shy to even say word sex in front of their children. As a boy or girl grow, we used to teach them about society and how to engage with it. We teach them how to self manage themselves i.e how to dress. We teach them how to avoid dangers while working with a stove. We teach them skills that how to buy something from a grocery store and came back home with the right change. Beside these we also teach them to how to manage social relationships like friendship.

But what about sex education or puberty ?

As we all know that puberty is related to the changes that occur in both male and female involving changes in their mind and body. So as their body and mind matures they have a right to information about the puberty so that they can handle it without any fear.
But the issue is that this is not really happening. This is not only the case of India but the whole world.World reports clearly show that sex education at the right time is not available to the children.
Sex education for girls starts from their puberty period when certain changes occur in their bodies, mostly at that time Indian mothers used to teach their girls about those sex changes. But for boys only a few parents get involved with them about sex education directly. Incomplete information leads to curiosity and this curiosity leads them to false information.

What are the consequences of these false information ?

  • Firstly, lack of knowledge to how to deal with the puberty.
  • Secondly, spreading of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Thirdly, they don’t know how to seek help under such situation and from whom because we adults are shying away from sexual education.

Contrary to the misconception, the sex education is not all about to how to have sex. Instead it is that education which aims to improve the knowledge and understanding related to it.

Parents do have a major role in this sex education and most of the educated parents in India do understand their responsibility of getting their child aware of all these things at the right time by engaging with them in a conversation related to it. But it is not only the responsibility of the parents all alone, it is the collective responsibility of every person to make adolescents aware of sex education at the right time without considering the word “sex” as taboo.

Aman Tripathi
Centurion Defence Academy