Study Plan to Clear NDA 2019 Exam

Study Plan to Clear NDA 2019 Exam
02-April 2019 2.00

Dear Students,

It is often a part of discussion among students to get a strategic plan to clear NDA written exam. The preparation of any entrance exam is based on the approach that a student follows, it should involve all the necessary steps to be ready. NDA exam is a national level exam conducted by Union Service Public Commission in offline mode (written exam) to select candidates for the post of officer in Army, Navy and Air Force.  The who qualify NDA exam, undergo SSB interview of 5 days. Click here for more detail about 5 days SSB Interview procedure.


Study Plan to Crack NDA 2019

In this article, I am going to describe the steps that you require to qualify the NDA entrance exam. These are as follows.

1. Understand the subjects asked in exam and its pattern

For NDA 2019, there are two papers i.e. Mathematics and General Ability Test. Multiple Choice Questions are asked. First paper is of Mathematics and there is a break and the second paper involves English and GS (General Studies). The syllabus covered in exams is of 10+2 level. For more detail about NDA Exam patter click here.

2. Follow a competitive approach

Since its competitive exam so one should not follow school level approach while preparing for it in fact one should be ready for newer type of questions based on concepts.

For Mathematics, one should involve enough practice session of solving questions. It is a complete paper so a good opportunity is there to score good marks if one has excelled the basics and has brought logical and analytical approach to solve questions. Sometimes origin level questions are asked. For this one should follow the approach to think scenes behind a given formula. What brought this formula can give you an exhaustive approach to strengthen your basics. It is well know that if basics are strong then any question of complexity can be handled easily. One should keep practicing the topics until level of perfection is met.

For English, an aspirant should prepare vocabulary first. If we observe the frequency of questions in NDA English, we find vocabulary section more. Thus if you focus vocabulary section, you may score good marks in it. Vocabulary section is such where knowledge matters. No common sense or presence of mind can be used if meaning is not known to you. There is memory linking technique to learn words that can be followed for a comfortable way of keeping words in mind. For grammar, the analytical approach is required. The questions of grammar involve spotting errors, rapid filling and sentence improvement part. These questions may be well understood if we work on the practical aspects of grammatical rules. For unseen passage, reading habits in day to day life and exposure to variety of content are required. Defence Guru provides books for explanation of previously asked questions.


3. Exercises to enhance accuracy and time efficiency: 

There should enough exercises to enhance accuracy in time efficiency while solving the questions. In first paper of Mathematics, the total allotted time is 2 ½ hours and there are 120 questions. The maximum marks allotted for first paper are 300. Now the variety of questions should be solved beginning from conceptual, basic level, high, higher and highest level questions. One should give enough time to have proper analysis of such questions. An aspirant should put timer while solving questions of previous years.

                                                In second paper of GAT, there are 150 questions and total allotted time for this is 2 ½ hours only. This section is more prone to delay as it has more questions than the first paper of Mathematics. The efficiency involves the processing of ideas so one is required to think in the same manner as expected with these no of questions with respect to allotted time.


4. SWOT Analysis for better Introspection and making a solid strategy:

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. An aspirant should introspect oneself deeply to get aware of his inner virtues. An aspirant should know where he is strong at. The sections where he is strong at, he should put them into revision part whereas the areas where he is weak, he should focus on them with more time span. The idea is to cover them from origin to have a solid base to the advance level expected in NDA exam. This is possible when one analyses it and it results into solid planning for preparation.