Success Story of Adarsh, NDA screened Out | 10+2 TES Recommended

Success Story of Adarsh,  NDA screened Out | 10+2 TES Recommended
21-March 2020 2.00

A gateman father turned up his son’s dream of an Indian Army officer into reality.


Key Highlights:

- Socio-economic barriers are over-ruled by son of a gateman Adarsh Kumar in his first attempt.

- In the light of Centurion Defence Academy Adarsh successfully cracked TES-43 SSB 2020.

- Coactions of father and son together at each step were the foremost reason behind Adarsh triumph.


Despite being a Gateman my father never reflects that we are not worthy of achieving our dreams or we are not able to achieve it. All my wishes were his only priorities and all my failures turned into victory other day with his eternal love and support. Hello all fighter friends I am Adarsh Kumar one like you all from Chandauli district, Uttar Pradesh. I dedicate this recommendation whole heartedly to my father who ruled-out all socio-economic barriers from my life. When its real it’s effortless and supreme, I cracked TES-43 SSB 2020 got recommended from 19 SSB Allahabad Board on 3rd March.


The greater things came to my way when I moved to Lucknow with my father after 7th standard. Efforts of mine are matched with my father passion who applauded my aim of life to be an officer in Indian Army. Our financial crisis is over shadowed by my father when it comes to my books, coaching fees and necessities in Lucknow.


An extra scintillating layer of success is added in beginning of defence career was achieved by only much needed support and hard work from all the ends I was associated to. The most determined first attempt to join Indian Army as an officer is successfully accomplished in TES SSB 2020 recommendation.  It’s been an almost incredible tale of triumph carried out in a full swing from a hindi medium background to clearing SSB Interview with the Centurion Defence Academy.


For NDA exam preparation I was looking for a guide and mentor who can work on my weaknesses as I already mentioned that I am from hindi medium background so my fluency in English and communication were two major barriers for me in SSB despite being good in theoretical or practical performances. Centurion one of the premier coaching has always been in limelight for its tremendous results and my mentor Founder Director Shishir Dixit sir’s guidance gave me the urge to conquer this passion. Designing and framing my mind was something Shishir Sir had always enjoyed- the manner of doing preparation, attending regular classes, time management and how he cross question to clear all my doubts during doubts sessions are some of his best efforts he showed during my preparation. Describing the structural pattern which is followed in coaching starts from the basic level was the most important thing required on my part.  English classes, 3-4 mock interviews in a month, Psychology from root level with intense practice tests and GTO outdoor task trained me for the complete process of SSB. The kind of support I was looking is targeted by Centurion Defence Academy where I have seen a good level of teaching and cooperation of teaching staff with the students and family both.


Adarsh….. On 3rd Feb,2020 getting Screened out in NDA SSB Interview was a major setback for me but my father and Centurion teachers support added more fuel to my journey and after 20 days I appeared for TES SSB Interview at Allahabad centre on 28th February, 2020. 5 days intense SSB Interview took with 209 Reported, 26 Screened In and 5 Recommended candidates.


On Day 1 Screening a good thing happened where I got same OIR of NDA SSB in TES SSB as well.


Day 2 Psychology tests TAT, WAT, SAT and SD were already well rehearsed and I was high on my confidence level as I had been under the supervision of the best Psychology expert of Centurion Defence Academy Shishir Sir who guided me with major Psychology tips- how to answer, what to answer and most importantly to stick near and clear with your answers. There I managed to do 11 TAT, 60 WAT, 45 SRT and written my SD efficiently and effectively as discussed with Sir. The 4 tests were well executed and I was confident to clear it easily.


Day 3 Interview was for 50 minutes there I was not satisfied with my performance but hoping for the best at the same time.


Day 4 & 5 GTO was scheduled where on 1st day with GD I got same topics that I have practiced in coaching classes had gave me a reason to smile and relax at the same time. For GD & PGT the points I gave were listened and considered by my team as they thought my points are valid and up to the mark. GTO 2nd day Obstacle Task and Commando task went quiet well and overall an excellent phase of SSB for me was GTO.


Same day Conference was held there I met the President & Deputy President who asked me mindboggling questions to prove my thinking and logical abilities like:

- Where you visited in Allahabad?

- During visit if 1 person is missing and 2 persons are saying we have to report then what you will do?

- In GD no group is selecting you for GPE?

- 5 changes in SSB centre?

- You are given 5 years in Army tell us two changes you will like to implement in your life?


Thankfully I emerged as an hero into a real life situation questions they have given me to tackle with my strategic mind and logical abilities & capabilities. The result was declared with my name last in the list. The result concluded overall with 5 recommendations from Allahabad centre.

I bestow this success to my father and mentor of my career Shishir Sir of Centurion Defence Academy. My father trusted my choice of career and the coaching I joined for preparations. Making it a perfect victory I would like to say that I am not recommended but the dedication of my father & mother towards me got recommended. I achieved it for everyone close to me and for the nation to whom I am dreaming to serve one day.