National Lockdown extended till May 3 Onwards by PM Modi

National Lockdown extended till May 3 Onwards by PM Modi
14-April 2020 2.00

National Lockdown from April 14 extended till May 3 onwards by PM Modi

National Lockdown from April 14 extended till May 3 onwards by PM Modi. In his 4th Addressing Speech to the nation relating to lockdown due to Covid-19, PM Modi extended lockdown for the next 19 days.

Applauding the Indians fighting spirit PM Modi in his speech expresses his gratitude to all the Indians. PM Modi states that ‘We the People of India displayed our unity and strength together in our collective fight against Covid-19’.

The other statements of PM Modi speech hold a huge motivation for all the Indians in Lockdown. He clearly admits that India made all efforts to contain spread of Coronavirus as the value of your lives is supreme. These measures have come to us at a huge price but we have chosen the right path. India’s Wholistic and Integrated approach i.e. Social distancing and lockdown helped India. The collective strength that the country has showed is a tribute to Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar on his birth anniversary.

We took action before even a single case occurred in India. Primitive steps kept India safe because strict measures is need of the hour:

1.     Special financial package for poor.

2.     Allowing agricultural activity was imperative as this is a harvest seasons and 50 per cent of food grains come from the Rabi seasons.

3.     Calls of opening up selected economic activities have been doing the rounds.

4.     Some areas that have shown promise in containment may be given relaxations.

Emphasizing the importance of the next one week in the fight against Coronavirus, he appealed to all the countrymen to stop the spread of the Covid-19 disease to newer areas. An assessment will be done for the next one week of all the towns, districts and states based on which the relaxations can be given. Most of the Chief Ministers favored the extension of the lockdown. On their own, a number of states have already announced the extension. States like Maharashtra, Odisha, Delhi, Telangana, Punjab and Tamil Nadu have announced the extension till April.

Modi 7-point appeal to India:

1.     Take extra care of elderly and shield elders from Coronavirus.

2.     Maintain Social Distancing.

3.     Take step to boost immunity.

4.     Download ‘Aarogya Setu’ Mobile App.

5.     Help the poor downtrodden & needy people.

6.     Don’t layoff your employees.

7.     Respect and honour Covid-19 warriors.

PM Modi speech comes up as an inspiration to all Indians at the time of Covid-19 pandemic. Indians citizen are requested to maintain the law and order in their respective states. 19 days extended lockdown will definitely improve the worsening condition of India.