UP Sainik School Complete Details

UP Sainik School Complete Details
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UP Sainik School Admission

Career की  अच्छी  शुरुवात अगर बचपन से होती है तभी आपकी  पूरी लाइफ एक सही दिशा में उन्नती की राह पर चलती है| For young and talented kids at the age group of 10-15 year’s that right start is Sainik School.

What is Sainik School and why UP Sainik School is different from other Sainik School’s is a big question in every aspiring kids mind. A complete wheel to examine the major understanding of Sainik School along with its eligibility criteria dealt into this article.


What is Sainik School?

Starting from beginning Sainik School is a military schools established by Sainik School Society under the Ministry of Defense (MoD). They were conceived in 1961 by V.K Krishna Menon, the then Defence Minister of India.


Basic purpose of Sainik Schools

After Independence, in 1961 the situation of newly independent India was improving and to give it a better lift the Indian defence Sainik School are established. So that children from all the areas of society can come forward and join Sainik School to rectify the regional and class imbalance from the society. Defence job is always considered as a royal and prestigious job but due to dominance of higher class in society at 1961 the then minister of defense V.K Krishna Menon had established the Sainik Schools in India.


Focus of Sainik School

Today all categories of student get admission in Sainik School even Reservation Policy is also applicable but their focus is to train and nourish children since childhood for their defence dreams and make them completely eligible and worth of Defence services. Indian Armed Forces get avon quality officers who have in-built officer like qualities as these children join the Sainik School from the standards and live according to military rules and regulation so they have that inbuilt experience and exposure for the Indian Armed Forces.


Number of Sainik School’s in India

Total - 53 Sainik School, where

Sainik School Society - 33 (Sainik School) + 19 (Proposed Sainik             School)

UP Sainik School – 1 only




Why UP Sainik School is different from other Sainik Schools?

UP Sainik School is different from other Sainik School and its admission procedure is also different from other Sainik School. UP Sainik School only 1 is differently categorized because 52 Sainik Schools comes under Sainik School Society but UP Sainik School comes under the State Government of Uttar Pradesh. The UP Government is responsible for UP Sainik School management & maintenance.


About UP Sainik School

UP Sainik School is first Sainik School in the country established in July 1960, only Sainik School administered by UP State Government. A notable alumni of UP Sainik School is Late Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey who was felicitated with ParamVir Chakra for his courage and bravery.


Admission procedure in UP Sainik School

Before 2017 only male students were allowed to study in UP Sainik School but from 2017 intake of girls students are allowed in UP Sainik School. In 2020 present defence minister Mr. Rajnath Singh passed a law which includes that now all Sainik Schools have to take girls admission also. As of from 2017 onwards in UP Sainik School Male + Female candidates both can take admission. UP Sainik School is affiliated to CBSE Board.   


Admission Procedure Specification for Boys and Girls in UP Sainik School

As of from 2017 onwards in UP Sainik School Male + Female candidates both can take admission.

Male candidates can get enrollment in class 7th while

Female candidates can get enrollment in class 9th


Note: In Last year admission process it is specified that only female candidates can take admission in class 9th and only male candidates can take admission in 7th standard


Due to COVID 19 the admission procedure for UP Sainik School 2020-2021 has not begun yet and as per the prevailing circumstances of the nation that batch will resume according to UP Government Guidelines.   


UPSS 2021-2022 Admission Procedure

UPSS 2021-2022 Admission Form Out

31st October

UPSS 2021-2022 Exam Conducted

3rd week of January (2021-2022) batch

UPSS 2021-2022 Admission Form Prospectus





UPSS 2021-2022 Eligibility

For 7th standard admission

Student should get clear till 6th standard

For 9th standard admission

Student should get clear till 8th standard


UPSS 2021-2022 Selection Procedure

Written Test

OMR based test (MCQ Questions)

Written Test Mode

Offline mode

Written Test Paper

4sections –


General Intelligence,


General Knowledge

Written Test Total Marks

200 Marks

Written Test Total Time

2:30 Hours

UP Sainik School Examination Centres



Ayodhya,Bariely,Gorakhpur,Jhansi,Meerut, Prayagraj,Varanasi and Lucknow

Written Test Syllabus Class 7th

Based on 6th standard and 8th standard

Written Test Syllabus Class 9th

Based on 8th standard and 9th standard

Written Test Result



Based on Reservation out of total vacancies in UPSS 2021-2022 admission includes:

27% seats are reserved for OBC

21% for SC

02% for ST

10% for EWS category


Fee Structure for UPSS 2021-2022 admission

Agreement between Parents/Guardians and UP Sainik School is signed according to the agreement Parents/Guardians of each cadet is required to execute an agreement to the effect. That if his ward does not appear at the NDA Entrance Examination for the UPSC or having taken the examination does not join NDA if selected, he would have to refund entire amount he spent on his son/ward during his stay at the school. This will also be the position if he leaves the school at any intermediate stage. A strict guidelines of UP is followed under admission procedure.


Qualified students from UPSS 2021-2022 written exam go through medical test and then the final selected candidates Merit List declared for the UPSS 2021-2022 batch.

About New Education Policy and its influence on UP Sainik School

As per our sources and updates New Education Policy will not be implemented in UP Sainik School. Classes will be conducted according to the special curriculum of UP Sainik School only.


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