SSB OIR Test Syllabus

SSB OIR Test Syllabus
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5 days SSB Interview is headed by various test and levels. Initially it gets started with Stage 1 Testing- OIR and PPDT, which gives clearance from the Day 1 Screening phase.

In this article know how to prepare for OIR test in SSB and what changing strategy and method required for OIR test in SSB. 


What is OIR Test?

Officer Intelligence Rating test is the first test in the SSB Interview which examines the candidate general intelligence. On the basis of OIR test, the candidates screening and the final recommendation rely upon. Officer like qualities test are designed to gauge Reasoning ability and Effective Intelligence of candidate

Officer Intelligence Rating test is a general intelligence test for a candidate which checks your average intelligence and time management completely.

Day 1 Screening test of SSB interview comprises of OIR (Officer Intelligence Rating test) and PPDT (Picture Perception & Discussion Test) respectively.


How OIR test is conducted?

Officer Intelligence Rating test is day 1 Screening test of SSB interview which is divided into two rounds – Verbal Reasoning Test and Non-Verbal Reasoning Test. Merit is created on the basis of candidate’s performance in both the tests.


Steps for OIR test

  1. OIR test consist of two booklets - verbal reasoning and non verbal reasoning
  2. Booklet 1 of verbal reasoning comprises of 30-50 questions
  3. Time allotted for booklet 1 is 17-30 minutes
  4. After completion of Booklet 1 other booklet is given
  5. Booklet 2 of non-verbal reasoning comprises of 30-50 questions
  6. Time allotted for booklet 2 is 17-30 minutes


* There are no negative marking for the test that are conducted in this phase.


OIR test performance of the candidates are calculated on the bases of marks in these test and rated from 1 to 5 accordingly.








Above Average




Below Average


Importance of OIR Test Rating

These rating play a very important role in the screening procedure as they are calculated along with your performance in the subsequent round which is the PPDT (Picture Perception & Discussion Test)


OIR Test Syllabus

OIR (Verbal and Non Verbal) test topics for verbal and non verbal test:


Verbal OIR Test

  1. Figures
  2. Analogies
  3. Figure Matrix
  4. Locating hidden figure
  5. Odd one out
  6. Classification of data
  7. Paper cutting
  8. Problem on dice
  9. Problem of cube
  10. Visualizing patterns
  11. Spatial ability


Non Verbal OIR Test

  1. Completion of series
  2. Blood relation
  3. Shorter and taller problems
  4. Logical venn digram
  5. Jumbled words
  6. Coding-decoding
  7. One word substitution
  8. Problem on rank
  9. Interchanging two signs
  10. Identification of letters
  11. Reconstruction of test



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