Recent Lecturette Topics Asked in SSB Interview

Recent Lecturette Topics Asked in SSB Interview
17-October 2020 2.00

Lecturette topics in SSB


“Words that you utter have power, words can persuade, influence, convert and compel.”

The above saying generalizes a fact that given a thought when you weave it in the form of a speech or a general talk it reflects your personality and your attitude. Similar is the notion behind this round that we call up as the Lecturette round that forms an indispensable part of the SSB’s. The test is basically an index to assess the personality, attitudes, body language, facial expression, confidence of the candidate because the candidate in here has the disposition and liberty to express his/ her thought process in a positive manner before the GTO. Positivity and being genuine are the keys to the expression of thoughts.


Procedure involved

The candidates are handed over 4 topics and they have an ease and are at liberty in selecting any 1 of the given topics and deliver a free speech on the same. The time frame is of 3 minutes. Try to organize yourself and channelize your thought process on any one of the topics that can prove to be a time savior and a rescuer for your performance. The motto of this test is the basic assessment of the personality, speech fluency, communication, confidence and last but not the least knowledge so try to be aware of all the current situations and happenings around the world that are ongoing and you will be good to go.


Introductory Round

Before the commencement of the tests the GTO tends to ask from every candidate to give a brief over view or an introduction before the actual round kicks off and the candidates need to keep in mind on the following aspects:

  1. 1. Name
  2. 2. Where he/ she is from?
  3. 3. Hobbies or interests
  4. 4. The profession of their parents
  5. 5. What are they currently doing ( Studying/ doing job )


Handy tips to perform well in Lecturette Round

  • - Have a tab and hold on the current scenario of the burning topics and issues of in and around the world, keep yourself updated with all the latest current affairs and general know how.
  • - Control your body language, posture and movements maintaining a firm posture exhibiting positive body language.
  • - Be communication savvy as the same will render you to deliver an uninterrupted speech without any pause and breaks with utmost fluency and confidence.
  • - Divide the topic in three parts Introduction, Main body and Conclusion.
  • - Don’t pause or halt too much while delivering your speech as it would decrease the tempo and speed of your speech and also make you less confident in front of others.
  • - Have a high socially active background as this will not only improve and make your communication skills confident but also provide you ample instances of knowing your surroundings.
  • - Keep a sequential approach so that you are not stuck and get nervous and rather have a clear and concise hold and grasp of the topic to make your point clear to others.
  • - Get a hold on your diction and pronunciation skills avoiding any grammatical mistakes thus leaving a bad impression before the others.


 Lecturette Topics in SSB


Below is a general synopsis of some latest coverings and happenings on the socio- religious- politico and economic front along with the latest current affairs to be considered to be the most relevant topics for this round presently which are as follows:


  1. The internal situation of Pakistan
  2. Indian Economy
  3. Training in Armed Forces
  4. Higher  Education in India
  5. CPEC
  6. South China Sea
  7. Global Warming- Its Effects
  8. Indo-China relations
  9. AFSPA
  10. Peace measures in J&K
  11. Inflation and its effect
  12. India- A Global Research and Destination for development and opportunities
  13. Role of Media in Democracy and its effects
  14. Energy Crisis
  15. India’s foreign trade
  16. Indo Pak relations- the future
  17. Abrogation of Article 370
  18. Kashmir Issue
  19. Naxalism
  20. Disaster management in India
  21. Use of technology in agriculture
  22. United we stand, divided we fall
  23. Can India become self-sufficient in energy resources
  24. Cybercrime
  25. Sports in India
  26. India and US Relations
  27. Role of opposition in Indian politics
  28. Indian reservation Policy
  29. India and its Neighbours
  30. Indus Water Treaty
  31. Role of Discipline in Life
  32. Peaceful use of Nuclear Energy
  33. Globalization
  34. India’s agricultural problem
  35. The entry of foreign universities in India
  36. Make in India  Concept
  37. NRC- CAA






Above are thus a gist of important topics to be kept in mind that would be fruitful for all the candidates preparing for their SSB Interviews but apart from these it is mandatory to keep a tab on all the recent current affairs and know around of the national and global scenario so as to be prepped up beforehand. The world is a big place abuzz with a lot of happenings here and there with interlinks of the situations and incidents thus just get a hold of what you can the most to make it out of everything the most. All the Best!!!!!