Learn to make Sentences

Learn to make Sentences
17-October 2017 2.00

Dear Student, Sentence Formation is an important part of the whole training program. Whatever we say that is all in the form of sentences. So once we know how to frame sentences effectively it becomes very easy for us to pursue the rest of the program with confidence. Well, if you understand the concept of this topic it takes only a day to be well versed with sentence construction. So let’s understand this………

There are many proverbs such as there are two aspects of any coin, head or tail. The answer of any question can be given in two ways either it is yes or no. There are two possibilities of any limit i.e. Maximum or Minimum. In the same way any work can be done in two ways- .

  1. Continuous (Going on)
  2. Perfect (Done)

As each sentence has a certain task i.e. verb. For example, suppose your work is to do Spoken English Course so there can be only two possibilities either you are doing Spoken English course or you have done Spoken English course. Your work is to come to institute so either you are coming to institute or you have come to institute. If your work is to prepare yourself for exam so either you are preparing yourself for exam or you have prepared yourself for exam. In the same way if take some other examples then also you will find the same thing.


  1. I am preparing for CAT examination now a days.
  2. They were playing in the ground yesterday.
  3. We will be going to Luck now tomorrow to join the meeting.
  4. Sohan has done B.Sc. from P.P.N College.
  5. I had already informed him about it 10 days before.
  6. They will have completed the course in 3 months.

Now if you combine these two categories of making sentences so we get a now category i.e. Perfect Continuous It means in these sentences the work is going on as well as it is done also. Now literally it is not possible to combine these sentences for example- I am teaching you and second one is I have taught you. If we show the time with continuity then it can be……… Lets take a Hindi sentence- MAIN EK GHANTE SE PADA RAHA HU. So in this sentence one hour is passed (perfect) still the work of teaching is going on (Continuous).


  1. We have been doing this course for last six months.
  2. I had been waiting for you since 1 ‘o’ clock.
  3. They will have been doing this business for a long time.