Voice Clarity

Voice Clarity
24-October 2017 2.00

Points to make your voice impressive

1. Voice clarity : clear voice makes your message easily conveyed to and understood by a listener. Although everyone thinks that his is clear but it is understood well when it is practically understood. To understand it practically one can do an activity.

Activity : Convey a story of at least of 5 minutes to audience then ask them for the feedback. How much of the story did they understand? Now you may get an idea of your voice clarity.

Scenario: As per present scenario, taking care of voice clarity is the responsibility of the speaker itself. The clearer your voice is, the better response you will get from the audience.

Suggestions : To improve voice clarity, one should speak louder. Loud voice does not only make your voice clear in fact it also shows your confidence level. Speaking slowly shows your nervousness. It is the requirement of a non habitual language to speak a little louder as compared to a habitual language. One should read news paper loudly to practise loud voice in communication.

Mouth Opening : we should open our mouth as per the size and sound of the word while pronouncing it. Lets take an example.

Bird : stress on B

Word : stress on V

World : stress on L

Now if the above mentioned stress on the word does not come then the pronunciation of these three look similar. But if we open our mouth properly, the distinction sounds clearly. If this practice is continued for a week, changes can be experienced. If mouth is not opened properly there is collapsing in the words.

So keep doing practice for the same if your voice is not clear. I will come up soon with a next step of voice impression.