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Hello SSB aspirants, WAT (Word Association Test) is second series of Psychology Test which is usually being conducted on day-II. The test is required to be written against the constraint of time. Individual is to write his/her first thought/imagination/idea which comes in to mind with in stipulated time.The four psychological tests that all candidates are put through during their SSB are as follows:

  1. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
  2. Word Association Test (WAT)
  3. Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
  4. Self Description Test (SD or SDT)

In the Word Association test (WAT), 60 words will be flashed before you, each for 15 sec and you are required to write the first thought that comes to your mind after reading that word. . I have observed that candidates are confused with the application of different tricks (which are available in the market/defence coachings) with in minimum time frame. These tricks are being tought in so many reputed defence coachings but now a days, i believe it unworthy. It is highly undesirable to practice WAT without understanding how your responses will be analysed by the psychologist.Candidate may or may not create sentences by using these tricks but it is difficult to deliver your own personality traits with the given word. Many a candidates are trying to use these tricks so their perfomance in WAT remains common. Friends, it is not mere sentence making test but WAT. It's performance plays vital role if you are ready to grab your recommendation. Here Sequence of actions is Observe,Think & Write.You have to accomplish these actions well before 15 seconds. Good execution of said actions in time gives perfection in this test.

(A) Observe :-

There are two types of words which are mostly asked i.e. either positive or negative. Firstly, you have to identify type of word with in initial 2-3 seconds. Remember,here you have to categorise neutral sentence as positive one. If the given word is positive or neutral one,then try to constitute sentence by using positive words only. If the given word is negative, then you need to go through following trick to frame sentences for all class of negative words.

(B) Think :-

It requires high level creativity of mind. Now immediately, you have to seek your association with the given word. It is just like magnetic effect between the given word and OLQs in you or, It may be any of our positive traits which connects with the same word or with the sense of the given word. Ladies and gentlemen, remember that it is not mandatory to use same word which is flashed on the screen nor you have to write it down while giving your response.To make perfect connectivity with yourself, it is required to mug up your daily time schedule and your PIQ (personal information questionaire) so use of sentence will surely match with the real 'you'.

Example :

Word is 'ACTIVE'. I am writting few examples for better understanding. All responses are up to the parameter if you can correlate it with your personality profile and in corelation with your behaviour (OLBs)

Morning health run keeps one active.

Regular meditation brings creativity in mind.

Active youth leads in reforming nation.

(C) Write :-

Now out of 15 sec, last 7-8 sec, you must spare for writting your thought. sentence should be precised enough. you should use minimum other words to complete the sentence. Lenghty sentence may consume time for next word and then it becomes difficult for candidate to attemt all words. It is not compulsory to copy the word which appeares. It is last step where execution is needed which comes from your ideas/imagination/perception. Regular practise will only serve the purpose.

How To Deal With Negative Words in WAT:-

In case of negative words or when series of negative words appear, then bring your problem solving behaviour by giving effective solutions . It is advise that you must use minimum possible words to constitute a sentence due to constrained timings. Always keep in mind that a negative word is an invitation to show OLBs (officer like behaviour) so do not miss that opportunity but remember you must bring only those qualities which you are able to justify through PIQ or during other scheduled tests in SSB . It can be tough to produce good sentences initially ,but practising regularly will definately inhance level of sentences. Moreover,Recalling 'Antonym' of the given negative word is also viable option.Once you have identified the word as negative then immediately find out it's remedy by inserting a remedial word. Example : word is 'illitracy' . Sentence ; Right to education helps to reduce illitracy. Here 'Right to education' is remedial word. Thereby, you can create your own bank for sentences. Here i am giving examples of negative words :-



  • Education kills social evils.
  • Equality and education together abate honor killing.

Mistake :

  • Sense of confession brings maturity.
  • Introspection of previous mistakes gives early success.

Rape :

  • Anti rape bill was passed in mar 2013.
  • Supreme Court reformed rape defination for age ranging 16-18.
  • Compulsory Sex education is need of the hour.

zero :-

  • india opted zero tolerance policy against pakistan.
  • Daily Inspection of equipment causes zero error.

Now i am sharing you 30 frequently asked negative words in recent days :


Send your response on defenceguru.co.in@gmail.com. Thank you. Jai Hind. Happy Preparation.



Shishir Dixit
Centurion Education Pvt Ltd
Author is SSB expert (Psychology), Motivational speaker & Air Veteran.