Most Important Questions for MNS Panel Interview 2023

Most Important Questions for MNS Panel Interview 2023
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MNS Panel Interview 2023 Questions

The Military Nursing Service-MNS exam selection process is multidisciplinary and includes several rounds of scrutiny. One of the most important stages in the MNS selection process is the MNS Panel Interview. During the MNS panel interview, interviewers will ask you questions about your personal experiences, qualifications, and career goals. You may also be questioned about your understanding of nursing services, your education level, your preferences and hobbies, as well as your goals and aspirations during the MNS Panel Interview.


As a result, we are providing the most important questions for the MNS panel interview 2023 to assist MNS aspirants in passing their MNS panel interview with flying colors. The section below contains some essential questions for the MNS Panel interview in 2023. Examine the following questions and respond effectively. The following questions are from a mock interview based on the MNS Panel interview, and they will help you prepare to the best of your ability for your upcoming event. Check the questions ahead of time and start practicing.


  • Why did you opt for the Indian Army?

  • Why not the Air Force? Why the Army?

  • Are you not aware you will be a combatant member?

  • Tell me what three qualities have you learned from your mother?

  • What strategy does she follow to keep the environment cool and calm?

  • Who is the District Magistrate of your district? 

  • Who is the MLA from your constituency?

  • Who is the Member of Parliament from your parliamentary constituency? 

  • You have prepared well. It means you have joined some coaching. Isn’t it?

  • How did you prepare for your SSB Interview? And, also tell me how you prepared for your written examination?


now rapid fire round begins


  • Also, tell me:


  1. How is your bonding with your parents?

  2. How is your bonding with your siblings?

  3. Tell me your routine of working days, routine of holidays.

  4. Tell me your educational qualification starting from 9th onwards.

  5. Tell me about your participation in games. 

  6. Tell me your hobbies and your interests.

  7. What five qualities will you improve in you?

  8. And, also tell me your five weaknesses and five strengths.


  • Do you only play cricket or do you also watch it?

  • Can you refer to three examples of the brave ladies from whom you get inspiration and motivation in your life?

  • What is your goal setting in your life after joining the Indian Army? 

  • Definitely, you will be upgrading your professional skills. So, what is the ultimate goal setting in your life?

  • Why do you want to be more involved in cricket?

  • Do you get a chance to play cricket in the vicinity of your place?

  • Can you explain about the 'String of Pearls'?

  • Tell me the names of three exercises where the Indian Army participates?

  • Tell me the names of five missiles that are there in the inventory of the Indian Army?

  • Tell me what sort of missile Agni is? What is its range?


  • Who is the current Chief of the Indian Army?

  • Tell me the name of the Chief of the Air Staff.

  • And, Chief of Naval Staff?

  • Who is the captain of the Indian kabaddi team?

  • Can you compare the capabilities of the Indian Army with the Pakistani Army? 

  • What is the strength of the Pakistani Army?

  • Strength of the Indian Army?

  • What is the actual manpower strength of the Indian Army?

  • And, what about the Indian Air Force?

  • Can you tell me the name of the gun that was developed recently in India only and replacing INSAS?


  • What is the range of the Akash missile?

  • Okay, so, if you get a recommendation, whom will you inform first?

  • No, for example, assume you are in the SSB, and you got a recommendation. Now, tell me to whom will you inform first?

  • Why did you prepare for your written examination? Like, what books did you refer to for your written exam preparation?

  • Don't you think it is an injustice to girls because there are only 19 vacancies for girls to join the NDA?

  • Would you like to give some message to the Government of India? 

  • Don’t you think the physical capabilities of a male and a female are different when it comes to joining the Indian Armed Forces, where duties and responsibilities are quite different as compared to corporate life?

  • Do you have any specific goal after joining the Indian Army?



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