Preparation Tips for NEET + MNS 2022 Exam - Cut-off Score & Strategy

Preparation Tips for NEET + MNS 2022 Exam - Cut-off Score & Strategy
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Preparation Tips for NEET + MNS 2022 Exam with Cut-off Score & Strategy


The MNS exam is always the first choice when it comes to the most demanding career opportunities for young female applicants who want to integrate a healthcare and military lifestyle. The Military Nursing Services - MNS exam is conducted annually by the Directorate General of Medical Services (DGMS) to select female applicants for admission to the 4-year B.Sc. (Nursing) course at the Armed Forces Medical Services Colleges of Nursing. The entry requirements for the MNS exam have changed, and candidates must now pass the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) in order to be eligible to take the MNS exam.  We'll go through the important tips for blending NEET and MNS preparation in this article. Continue reading to learn more about MNS strategies, preparation tips, and cut-off scores.


Important Highlights of NEET + MNS 2022 Exam


  • Before the new MNS exam syllabus, candidates had to pass a written exam that covered General Knowledge (GK), English, and General Science questions. This was followed by a panel interview and a medical examination.

  • Under the new syllabus, candidates will now need to tackle five testing rounds, with NEET being a prerequisite for moving on. The NEET is an all-India pre-medical entrance exam that is administered by the National Testing Agency (NTA).

  • An 80-mark Test of General Intelligence and General English (ToGIGE) will be conducted following NEET.  The latter three phases include an interview, a physical examination, and an objective-type psychological assessment test (PAT).


NEET 2022 Cut-off Scores and Strategy for MNS Aspirants 


Candidates must organize their time and study resources carefully because the NEET exam is far more competitive than the MNS examination. The Biology component of the NEET exam is worth 360 marks, the Chemistry section is worth 180 marks, and the Physics section is worth 180 marks out of a total of 720 maximum scores. The aspirants seeking to join the Military Nursing Services must score 400-480 marks in the NEET to qualify for further stages of the MNS exam.


Preparation Tips for NEET and MNS Exam 2022


Strong Fundamentals


Candidates must create a plan based on their understanding of fundamental concepts before beginning their NEET exam preparation, and then they must develop a strategy that works for them. The first step is to properly acquaint yourself with the level of difficulty of the tests you are aiming for. Figure out how many hours you will need to devote to practice and self-study by first assessing where you are now and how you should proceed to acquire the necessary skills.


Consistency in Practice


As consistency is crucial when preparing for an exam of this caliber, make sure you have thought about the subjects that you find challenging and allot additional time to these. If necessary, create a high-level plan that separates the entire syllabus into three phases: learning, practicing, and revising, and a low-level plan that is a breakdown of the high-level plan. The low-level strategy gives each subject, module, and chapter attention and time allocation. Now you must spend time organizing all of these plans using a unified strategy.


Clarity of Concepts


Candidates who want to join the Military Nursing Services as officers and are preparing for the NEET exam must make sure they have a solid grasp of the fundamentals. Your selection for the succeeding phases of the MNS exam will be determined by your performance on the NEET exam, which will be based on concepts you studied after class 8. If you started studying early, give yourself time to review these concepts before moving on to the main course material.


Self-Evaluation is a Must


Candidates should be aware that simply memorizing the concepts won't offer them a solid foundation upon which to build. Instead, they must identify the vital aspects where they need to improve. As a result, you should be aware of your strong and weak points and make timetable adjustments accordingly. Take a subject- or topic-specific practice test as your next step. Concentrate on applying your knowledge to a variety of problems based on those concepts. You will get more adept at solving these problems as you begin to attempt them.


Practice is Imperative


Once you have finished the syllabus, start working through as many practice tests and question papers from previous years as you can. All of this will enable you to develop a comprehensive exam strategy and give you a true sense of the exam. Your brain becomes more accustomed to maintaining focus for extended periods of time and handling pressure scenarios as you pass more mock tests. As a result, the more you exercise, the more likely it is that you will perform well on the exam.


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