10 Golden Tips to Learn Vocabulary for Competitive Exams

10 Golden Tips to Learn Vocabulary for Competitive Exams
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It is very important to have a good command on vocabulary to enrich proficiency in English Language. In competitive exams, it has major section and competitive students put their best efforts to enhance it. Common words are learnt and used so there is no problem to retain them in memory but we take time in learning new words. Most of the times, the retention of unfamiliar words becomes a challenging task. Here in this article, I am going to share an effective tips to learn new words and assure their retain ability too.


  1. Avoid mugging up words as they don’t remain with us on long term basis.
  2. Understand the usage of the word and make your own sentences on it. Contextual usage is more important than its literal meaning.
  3. Pronounce the word well as it helps us in spelling and makes us comfortable. 
  4. Try to get a key word which is already known to you and connect it. Pronunciation of that word will make you remember the known word and makes the process easier.
  5. Visualization makes us remember for a long time. We may combine the key word and meaning together and think a practical scene on it.
  6. Revision strengthens our learning process and encourages us for new words as well.
  7. Assess your vocabulary from magazines, novels, journals and newspapers. 
  8. Words are no more unfamiliar if they are brought in familiar environment.
  9. Avoid myths that you have lack of vocabulary instead make a list of unknown words.
  10. Convey your statements in English and stay self-motivated with quick observation and efforts to fill the gap of known and unknown.


The above-mentioned steps are based on training and learning experience so if you follow them, you will find a great approach to learning new words. Here I have given examples of some words using the memory linking technique. The thinking process has links through which it keeps going on. Recalling something becomes easier if linked points are brought in memory the way they were connected while linking. Pronounce that word well and find a keyword or common word which is already known to you. Make a practical scene or story combining the key word and meaning. Make sentences to make them easier practically. Read the given words and do share your experiences in the comment box of this article. To have more words through memory linking technique you may also join our Telegram Group “English ByAdityaDubey- Defence Guru”


Word: Inebriate(N), inebriated(ADJ), inebriate(V), in inebriated manner (ADV)

Pronunciation: इनेब्रीऐट

Meaning: drunk, intoxicated

Key Word: In abbreviated

Memory Link: He started talking in abbreviated form because he was an inebriate.

  • It is really difficult to handle an inebriate person.
  • People often lose their control when they are inebriated a lot.
  • It is tough to understand the message clearly when one is inebriated.
  • Don’t start behaving in inebriated manner, it will make us lose our impression here.
  • They stopped dealing with that person because he used to be an inebriate most of the times.


Word: Rapprochement (N)

Pronunciation: रैप्रोश्मान

Meaning: Reconciliation, Intimacy  (घनिष्ठता, दोस्ती)

Key Word: WRAP

Memory Link: In order to maintain rapprochement in our friend circle, we must wrap our informal discussion smartly as it may result into useless impressions in their mind.

  • Rapprochement among friends leads to a nice bonding and avoids conflict of ideas.
  • The team with rapprochement in its members generally gives a consolidated idea.
  • Why to get engaged on trifles when we have rapprochement among us?
  • Enemies can never judge internal discussions if a team has rapprochement in its members.
  • Let others plan against us but none can stand against our bonding as we have rapprochement among us.


Ascription(N), ascribable(ADJ), ascribe(V)

Pronunciation: अस्क्राइब

Meaning: to impute (आरोपलगाना)


Memory Link: innocent people are ascribed to heinous charges and people describe their mistakes a lot.

  • Why to ascribe others unnecessarily when something can be improved by you? (Verb)
  • It is really miserable when innocent people are ascribed to the charges. (Verb)
  • No fear if people ascribe to you and your concentration is on your work. (Verb)
  • In corrupt societies it is often found people ascribing to others for their flaws. (Verb)
  • Perseverance is the best tool to have a better performance even if there is ascription to you. (Noun)
  • No surprise if ascribable things are ascribed. (ADJ)


Word: Emulation(N), emulated(ADJ), emulate(V)

Pronunciation: एम्युलेट

Meaning: to compete, to follow

Key word: AAMLATE

Memory Link: if you want to succeed in AAMLATE competition, you have to emulate the instructions of seniors.

  • Those who emulate their teachers well, succeed in the exams. (Verb)
  • While pursuing an art, one must find options to emulate the professional in all possible manners. (Verb)
  • Emulation brings a feel of perseverance in us for our preparation. (Noun)
  • Emulated efforts never go in vain. (ADJ)
  • One should keep emulating with the competitors to strategize the approaches. (V)


Word: Emaciation(N), emaciated(ADJ), emaciate(V)

Pronunciation: इमेशीएट / इमैशीऐट

Meaning: weaken, waste away physically

Key word: EMI

Memory Link: people are interested to emaciate their EMI of loans.

  • HimeshReshamiyan tried a lot to emaciate his nozzle sound but he could not. (Verb)
  • May you never have any emaciation in your life! (Noun)
  • Emaciated things do not flourish well. (Adjective)
  • It is good to be health conscious but avoiding food might make one emaciate. (Verb)
  • Emaciated body takes time to come in its proper position. (Adjective)


Word: Licentiousness(N), licentious(ADJ), Licentiously(ADV)

Meaning: Immodest, immoral, sexually unrestrained (कामीव्यक्ति, व्यभिचारी)

Key word: LICENSE

Memory Link: keeping license does not mean a person should behave immorally.

  • Conventional society doesn’t accept licentious behavior of a person. (ADJ)
  • No institution will bear licentiousness so one is required to go there in a modest manner. (N)
  • Civilized behavior makes you understand how to avoid behaving licentiously. (ADV)
  • Licentious behavior of a person gives the glimpse of his surroundings where he has been. (ADJ)
  • None can save you from the charges in present scenario if you behave licentiously with someone. (ADV)



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