Last Minute Tips For NDA-2 2022 Exam Preparation

Last Minute Tips For NDA-2 2022 Exam Preparation
23-August 2022...........

Best Preparation Tips for NDA-2 2022 Exam - Helpful for Strategic Performance

One of the most endearing career options for youngsters remains serving in the Indian Armed Forces. The NDA is one such route that leads to a rewarding career that includes a sense of patriotism, camaraderie, and an active lifestyle. NDA aspirants need to pass both the NDA entrance exam and a subsequent interview with the Services Selection Board (SSB) in order to be recommended for admission to the National Defence Academy. Candidates should emphasize on revising the previously learned concepts as the NDA 2 2022 exam is just a few days away in order to perform well and get perfect scores. To clear the NDA exam with flying colors, follow the preparation tips for strategic performance as given below.


  • The NDA-qualified candidates are invited to the SSB interview, where a candidate's intellectual functioning and personality attributes are in-depth evaluated. Finally, the candidates who receive sufficient marks on both the written exam and the SSB interview are recommended for enrollment at the National Defence Academy.

  • With only a few days left for the exam, the NDA aspirants must already have completed a significant portion of the curriculum; now it's time to thoroughly revise. Due to the extensive NDA exam syllabus, students must be wise in identifying their strong and weak areas of preparation in order to make necessary improvements in the last minutes.

  • Only objective-type questions are included in the NDA written exam, which is conducted offline in two shifts on a single day. The NDA's written exam syllabus includes the General Ability Test (GAT) and Mathematics as two significant papers. The 120 questions in the mathematics exam are worth a total of 300 marks. 

  • A total of 150 questions with a maximum score of 600 are included in the General Ability Test (GAT) paper on the NDA exam. There is a penalty for negative marking, and as a result, 1/3 of the marks allotted to that particular question are deducted for each incorrect answer that the candidates mark.

  • The NDA candidates must examine the previous years' question papers, which are conveniently available on the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) website. NDA aspirants should also attempt practice tests, mock tests, and sample papers to ensure effective time management and to gauge their level of accuracy and trends of questions.


Learning new concepts will be utterly useless owing to a lack of time since the NDA 2 2022 entrance exam is scheduled to take place on September 4th, 2022. As a result, candidates should concentrate on reviewing previously studied topics, memorizing their significant notes, current affairs, and completely revising them to comprehend the problems in question in order to achieve adequate marks. The following are the most important preparation tips that applicants must adhere to in the closing moments if they want to pass the NDA written exam with flying colors.


1. Make a comparison of the trends in previous examination results


In order to get a better understanding of the nature and style of questions asked in the actual exam, a candidate must also solve previous years' papers. Since current events play a significant role in exams, candidates should concentrate on revising their current affairs materials. The minimal cut-off requirements must be understood in order to pass the exam; even if you perform poorly in one area, you can still pass the exam by meeting the minimal cut-off in that subject while outperforming in another. Sectional cut-off thresholds often vary from 25 to 30%. You should thus examine the cutoff scores from the previous year and just attempt the necessary number of questions, skipping the challenging ones to save time.


2. Pay close attention to time management during the exam


Candidates should be able to effectively manage their time in order to prepare for the exam in a systematic way. As a result, it's essential to have a sensible preparation strategy in place so that you may proactively prepare by focusing on all of the syllabus's important aspects. In order to improve their overall preparation, candidates must solve the previous year's papers.  The candidates might acquire a sense of the questions' level of difficulty and the precise exam format by tackling the questions from previous years. Aside from helping you assess your level of preparation, taking practice tests and model papers will teach you how to manage your time wisely throughout the exam.


3. Concentrate your attention on revising the fundamental concepts


To pass the NDA written exam, candidates must strategically prepare with special emphasis on revision. To determine how many questions to attempt, candidates must thoroughly examine the exam pattern. Out of the 150 questions on the General Ability Test, 50 are in English, making up a significant portion of the test. Additionally, there is a provision for negative marking, under which a wrong answer will result in one-third of the marks allotted to the question being subtracted. In order to study consistently for the exam, candidates must be able to manage their time well.


4. Keep yourself healthy and adhere to the guidelines on exam day


A reasonable strategy is needed for strategic preparation in order to concentrate on each important subject matter covered under the syllabus. The day before the exam, candidates shouldn't feel nervous and should try to keep a positive outlook. In order to meet the sectional cut-off score and the maximum aggregate score, they should focus on looking at past exam statistics and choosing how many questions to attempt. Prior to the exam, maintaining good health is essential to boost mental alertness and maintain reasonable focus. Candidates should adhere to the directions on their admit card and make sure they are refreshed when they arrive at the exam site.


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