Vijay Diwas: Know About its History and Significance

Vijay Diwas: Know About its History and Significance
16-December 2023...........

Vijay Diwas is celebrated 0n every 16th December to celebrate India’s victory over East Pakistan. This day is also celebrated to commemorate sacrifice of Indian Soldiers during 1971 India-Pakistan War. After the India-Pakistan 1971 War, Pakistan tasted a catastrophic defeat and had to sign Instrument of surrender. After this war, 93,000 Pakistani Soldiers surrendered and the face of the world changed with Birth of Bangladesh. Vijay Diwas is very important for every Indian because on this day, we can feel a sense of pride in our triumph over Pakistan. This day marks a day of significant importance because India achieved a large-scale victory on Pakistan proving its military superiority and strength. Let us know more about Vijay Diwas and its history and significance.


India-Pakistan 1971 War


India-Pakistan War 1971 was fought during Bangladesh Liberation during the 1970s. This war started after Pakistan’s attack on 11 Air Bases of India. After this attack, India declared  war against Pakistan. India launched a large-scale operation under the leadership of Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw. All three services of Indian Armed Forces inflicted major damage on Pakistani Armed Forces. The Indian Army encircled the whole East Pakistan and the Indian Navy blocked East Pakistan. During this war, India captured around 15,010 km2 (5,795 sq mi) of land in the West but returned it in the 1972 Simla Agreement as a gesture of goodwill. After 13 Days of start of war Pakistan had to sign the Instrument of Surrender on 16 December,1971. This Instrument of surrender was signed by Pakistani Lieutenant General Abdullah Khan Niazi. This instrument of surrender was signed in presence of Lieutenant General Jagjeet Singh Aurora.

Map Showing Positions of India and encirclement of East Pakistan


Indo-Pakistan War 1971 witnessed major naval actions by the India Navy. Indian Navy in leadership of Vice-Admiral Surendra Nath Kohli  launched operation trident and destroyed Karachi Port and many Pakistani naval vessels including PNS Khyber, PNS Shahjahan and a minesweeper. Indian Naval Operation made so much impact in the minds of Pakistani Military Leadership that during war they had bombed their own vessel in haste and misidentification.


Aftermath of War


India had a huge victory over its arch rival and this defeat proved to be a psychological and military setback for Pakistan from which Pakistan has not recovered yet. In this war, Pakistan lost half of territory, half of its population and its one-third military was under captivity of India. After surrender, India unilaterally declared a ceasefire against Pakistan. During Simla Agreement 1972, India returned all the acquired territories from Pakistan during the war. After Ratification of the Simla Agreement, Both India and Pakistan recognised the Line of Control (Loc), which was not altered through any unilateral action.


Vijay Diwas will keep reminding us the brave stories of the Indian Armed Forces. This day fills our heart with feelings of pride and joy. On this day, we should not forget our bravehearts who sacrificed their lives for our country and its pride. Theri brave and heroic stories will keep on giving us motivation to serve our country with pride.


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