10 Common Grammar Errors in SSB Psychological Tests

10 Common Grammar Errors in SSB Psychological Tests
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10 Common Grammar Errors Aspirants Must Avoid In SSB Psychological Tests


Grammar is an important factor in deciding your recommendation for an SSB Interview. Every Task in SSB Interview is conducted in English, so grave grammatical errors can unfortunately result in your rejection in SSB. That’s why we are providing you with 10 common grammatical errors or English mistakes that candidates must avoid in SSB Psychological and other tasks.


SSB Psychological Tests are conducted on the second day of the SSB Interview Process and in AFSB, Psychological Tests are conducted on the first day itself. SSB Psychological Tests consist of four tests- 1. TAT (Thematic Apperception Test), 2. WAT (Word Association Test), 3. SRT (Situation Reaction Test), and 4. Self-Description Test. These tests are conducted to assess psychological mindset, imagination, decision-making, and optimum use of resources.


In SSB Psychology Tests, Thematic Apperception Test is the first test in which 12 slides are shown having blurred pictures, candidates have to write stories based on these pictures. In Word Association Test, a total of 60 words are shown on the screen and candidates have to write sentences on them. In the Situation Reaction Test, a booklet given to candidates consisting of 60 imaginary situations, candidates have to write their own responses in the booklet. In the self-description test, candidates have to write how their parents, friends, and teachers see them.


Importance of English in SSB Psychology Tests


English is an important part of SSB psychology test preparation because all the tasks in the SSB psychology tests are conducted in English. And any grammatical mistakes will leave a bad impression on the Psychologist. Candidates should make sure that they should be careful and avoid committing grammatical mistakes in psychological tests. A grammatical mistake reduces the quality of your responses that’s why English should be an important part of your SSB psychology test preparation.


10 Common Grammar Errors Aspirants Must Avoid In SSB Psychological Tests


Candidates should avoid the following grammatical mistakes in SSB psychology tests:


  • Using incorrect prepositions: Prepositions can be tricky, and using the wrong one can change the meaning of a sentence (e.g., "She is waiting on the bus" instead of "She is waiting for the bus").


  • Confusing commonly misused words: Words like "affect" and "effect," "lay" and "lie," and "who" and "whom" are often confused, leading to incorrect usage.


  • Overusing passive voice: Passive voice can make a sentence seem weak or convoluted. Active voice is usually a better choice.


  • Lack of subject-verb agreement with compound subjects: When there is more than one subject in a sentence, it can be easy to forget to make the verb agree with both (e.g., "My friend and I is going" instead of "My friend and I are going").


  • Using improper capitalization: Capital letters are used for proper nouns, titles, and the first word of a sentence. Improper capitalization can make your writing look unprofessional.


  • Improper use of articles: Using "a" instead of "an" or vice versa can be a common mistake, especially with words that begin with a vowel sound.


  • Using unnecessary words: Phrases like "in order to" or "due to the fact that" can be simplified to "to" and "because" respectively, making your writing more concise.


  • Lack of parallelism: When listing items in a sentence, it's important to use parallel structure (e.g., "She likes hiking, swimming, and biking" instead of "She likes hiking, swimming, and bike").


  • Confusing possessive and plural forms: Adding an apostrophe to a plural word that doesn't require one, or forgetting to add one to show possession, can cause confusion (e.g., "the dogs are barking" instead of "the dogs are barking").


  • Using incorrect verb forms: Using the wrong form of a verb can change the meaning of a sentence (e.g., "She is sitting on the couch, reading" instead of "She is sitting on the couch, having read").


How to improve grammar for SSB Psychology Tests?


Candidates should try to avoid committing above mentioned mistakes in the SSB Psychology Tests. Candidates should practice for SSB Psychology Tests regularly and try to ensure that they do not commit grammatical mistakes. Candidates can read Grammar Book written by ‘Wren and Martin’ to improve their basic grammar. Candidates should read newspapers regularly so that they can learn new words to improve their vocabulary. Candidates can try to read novels of their interests also.


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