20 Frequently Asked Questions in SSB Interview Conference

20 Frequently Asked Questions in SSB Interview Conference
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20 Frequently Asked Questions with Answers in SSB Interview Conference


The conference is the last stage of five days of the SSB process. In the Conference, All three main officers of the Service Selection Board i.e. The president of the board, the Psychologist, and the GTO Officer sit together and decide the recommendations for the candidates. At this stage, all three officers sit in uniform and it is the first time that candidates will be encountering all three officers in uniform together. In the conference, stage candidates are in three conditions- 1. Clearly Recommended Candidates 2. Clearly, Not Recommended Candidates 3. Borderline Candidates. Conference Stage is very crucial for borderline candidates because it is the stage that will decide the recommendation of the borderline candidates.


Questions & Answers for SSB Interview Conference


Here, we are providing you a list of the 20 most frequently asked questions in the SSB conference. These questions will help you to face the SSB conference smoothly without any hesitation. We are providing possible answers to these questions also so that candidates can frame their own answers.


Question 1- How was your stay during the last four days at this service selection board?


Answer- Sir, My stay was very good and I thank the 18 service selection board Allahabad for providing me very comfortable stay during the last four days. During these last four days, I learnt so many new things and made some awesome friends. Overall, My stay at this service selection board was very wonderful.



Questions-2 Did you make any friends during the last four days?


Answer- Yes Sir, I made many friends but Robin, Pawan, and Ayush became my closest friends. We have helped each other in preparing for many tasks. We have exchanged our contact numbers and decided to stay in touch after this SSB.



Questions- 3 Would you like to suggest any improvements to this selection board?


Answer- Sir, I think 18 Service Selection Board Allahabad is the perfect selection center. I do not think there is any scope for improvement in 18 SSB Allahabad.



Question- 3 How was the food provided to you at this selection board?


Answer- The food served to me was very tasty and delicious. I always wanted to eat fauji khana. It is indeed very tasty. I am looking forward to eating fauji khana on regular basis.



Question- 4 What did you do in your free time during the last four days at this selection board?


Answer- Sir, I read newspapers, and books and played basketball with friends.



Question- 5 Did you go to any famous place in this area during your free time?


Answer- Yes, Sir I visited the famous Sangam ghat on the second with my friends. It is very beautiful and peaceful. I even took a bath in the Ganga river with friends. I will rest of the places after my SSB.



Question- 6 Are you satisfied with your performance in the last four days?


Answer- Yes Sir, I am very satisfied with the performance. I gave my 100% and that is what matters most to me. I made a few mistakes but overall I tried my best.



Question- 7 What do you think about the sports infrastructure of this service selection board?


Answer- Sports Infrastructure of 18 SSB Allahabad is very good. I played many sports like Basketball, Chess and Table Tennis. All the available Sports Infrastructure is very nice.



Question- 8 Have you made any mistakes during the last four days?


Answer- Yes Sir, I made a few mistakes during GTO. I got confused during my full group task. I took the help of GTO Sir for rectifying my errors.



Question- 9 What do you think about the library of this service selection board?


Answer- I visited the Library of 18 SSB Allahabad many times. It has so many useful books. I found my favorite books here. There were so many other useful and inspiring books in the Library.



Question- 10 Tell me what will you do if I do not recommend you.


Answer- I will work on my mistakes and start preparing for my next SSB. I also preparing for the CAPF Assistant Commandant exam. If I am not recommended in this SSB, I will surely try to qualify CAPF Assistant Commandant exam.



Question- 11 Tell me about your previous SSB experiences.


Answer- Previously, I was conference out from 20 SSB Bhopal. I made a few mistakes during my personal interview and could present in a better manner, that’s why I was conferenced out. But this time I have worked on my mistakes and improved myself.



Question- 12 Where do you see yourself after 6 years from now?


Answer- I see myself as a Major serving in 11 Gorkha Rifles and continuously improving myself both physically and mentally.



Question- 13 Do you have any suggestions to improve this service selection board?


Answer- No, Sir. I think 18 SSB Allahabad is one of the best SSB across all SSBs. There is hardly any room for improvement in this selection board.



Question- 14 How did you reach this service selection board?


Answer- Sir, I live in Lucknow, and Allahabad is very well connected from Lucknow. I had many options to come to Allahabad. But I chose Bus as it was more convenient for me to come by Bus. I took an e-Rickshaw to reach the selection center from Bus Stop.



Question- 15 What did you learn in these last four days that you will remember for the rest of your life?


Answer- I learned so many new things in my last four days at this service selection board. Earlier, I did not know how to play table tennis. But, my friend Pawan taught me how to play table tennis. Now, I play it well. I also learned so many techniques in GTO from my friends.



Question- 16 What rating you would like to give yourself for your performance in these last four days?


Answer- I have tried to improve my performance this time and rectified my mistakes. I have committed some mistakes also but they were not very big mistakes. So, I would like to rate myself 8/10.



Question- 17 Suppose you are going on a cycling expedition and the cycle of your friend gets punctured and there is no shop available to repair the bicycle. What will you do in this situation?


Answer- Sir, As I will be going on a cycling expedition then I must be having puncture repair kit with me. I will repair the puncture with the kit and continue enjoying our cycling expedition.



Question- 18 Have you searched for the questions that you did not answer during your personal interview?


Answer- Yes, Sir. I noted down all the questions I could not answer during my personal interview and searched for the answers to all those questions.



Question- 19 You could not answer one question what is the caliber of the new sig sauer rifle. Have you searched for it?


Answer- Sig Sauer is a new rifle that is being inducted for the Indian Armed Forces. This rifle is said to replace the current main rifle INSAAS. The caliber of Sig Sauer Rifle is 7.62 mm.



Question- 20 Ok Gentleman! Do you have any questions?


Answer- Thank you sir for giving me an opportunity to ask questions. But I do not have questions to ask.


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