20 Tricky SSB Interview Questions with Answers

20 Tricky SSB Interview Questions with Answers
30-September 2022...........

The Service Selection Board (SSB) interview is held after the aspirants clear the written exam of CDS, NDA and other defense exams conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). By interviewing the aspirant personally, the Interviewing Officer (IO) assesses the aspirant on the basis of various general & technical questions.

The interview of the aspirant will be taken by the President, Vice-President or the interviewing officer of the SSB Board. With the Personal Interview the ability of aspirant is judged, whether he/she possesses the quality of becoming an Officer in the Armed Forces.

Below we will be discussing the various questions asked by the SSB Board-


1- Do you know what the meaning of your name is? How do you justify the meaning of your name with your personality?


Firstly know the meaning of your name and the reason according to which your family named you. Also connect the meaning of your name with your behavioral patterns.


2- Tell us about the place where you come from.


Before appearing in front of SSB interview panel, gather as much information you can related to you and your native place. Google it, read some books which give you insight about the history, famous places etc. Also make some noted to remember them.


3- Do you have any alternative/contingency plan if you don’t get selected today?

You have to be prepared with all other entries through which you can re-apply and mention them.


4- How much do you know about the Armed Forces?


Don’t try to play guessing game there; the panel wants to test your knowledge regarding the basic knowledge about the Armed Forces because no one can remember everything.


5- Which type of student you were from class 8th to graduation?


It’s one of the most basic questions asked by the panel, so you must be prepared with all your academic records in chronological order.


6- What’s your biggest motivation for joining the Armed forces?


While answering this question, try to be as real as you can, because it is a question which cannot be sugar coatedor be perfect. You have to say what inspires you.


7- Tell us about your daily routine.


Follow a daily routine and note down the things from the routine. Also don’t add up the things which you do not follow in your routine as this is very simple question which doesn’t require some cheesy answers.


8- Do you think that your friends require some changes in their personality?


Firstly discuss this in your friend circle and make a note out of that conversation. So you can answer the question effectively. One more suggestion that don’t sound too much negative


9- In how many ways a pen can be used?

Apart from writing perspective a pen can be used in the following ways too:

  • As a pointer in a presentation
  • As a bookmark
  • In playing pen fight
  • As a weapon during a fight
  • Pressing the tiny buttons of the devices


10 - Do you think Pre-marital Sex is ok?


While answering these types of questions don’t keep a prejudiced notion. You can say that they are adults and since there is consent involved in the relationship than its ok.


11 - What is the biggest three digits number?


From childhood we have been taught that the biggest number in 9, so if anyone asks about biggest number of any digits we simply put 9 to that times. So anyone would say that the biggest three digit number is 999. But have you ever thought of 9^(9^9) 9 power 9 power 9?


12- Do you smoke or Drink?


Answer frankly, but keep in mind not to be too friendly with the panel as they’re your seniors.


13- Why Armed forces? Why not any other professions/job?


Armed forces are most enjoyable organization because of their adventures and brave soldiers. Also I want to join the Armed forces because of the heavy perks & respect attached with it.


14- Tell us about one good and one bad quality of your parents.


Answer this question patiently; also don’t highlight too negative point about any one of them. It’s not good to be too negative about the person who is close to you. So tell something which can be corrected easily.


15 - Tell us about some of your strength and weaknesses.


Before appearing in front of SSB panel introspect yourself and try to tell as much as of your strengths meanwhile tell only those weaknesses which can be corrected easily.


16- Explain the relationship between you and your siblings.


Tell the importance of the relationship in your as well as your siblings life. Also keep it 100% real.


17- How you manage to keep yourself in shape or What’s the reason of your fitness?


Tell all the activities you do to keep yourself fit as you are an Armed force aspirant.


18- Tell us your views about the current ongoing in the world.


The interview panel expects you to be aware of your surroundings. The best way in doing that is newspapers, they do not only provide news but they also help you in polishing your English speaking skills but reading skills as well. So prepare at least two or three topics in detail and explain it to them, when asked.


19- Can you tell any recent incident where you and your friend helped each other?


In this question faking won’t help you, so be truthful about the incident by real life examples.


20- What were the subjects which you choose in your graduation?


Go through your college life, recall both formal as well as informal things from it and tell them about that.



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