How to Handle the Fish Market-Like Situation during PPDT Discussion

How to Handle the Fish Market-Like Situation during PPDT Discussion
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How to Handle the Fish Market-Like Situation during PPDT Discussion

If you have ever been to any SSB Interview, you must have witnessed the most unpleasant thing called ‘The fish market’. But If you are fresher, then don’t worry we are not talking about the actual fish market. A fish market is a situation in which many candidates are speaking at the same time and competing to prove their point. In PPDT (Picture Perception and Description Test), the Fish market is a common but unpleasant phenomenon. But a responsible candidate must not take part in the fish market and should be able to convince the group to avoid a fish market like situation.


What is PPDT and How It is conducted?

PPDT (Picture Perception and Description) is the second test conducted in five days. In this test, a hazy picture is shown and candidates have to identify the number of characters, their age, their gender, and their mood. And based on this information, candidates have to write a meaningful story.

After writing stories, candidates are divided into groups of 12-15 candidates. Candidates have to narrate their stories. After narrating their stories, candidates have to discuss their stories and reach a common story. During this discussion, sometimes candidates create a fish market which is not good for the whole group.


Tips to handle Fish Market during PPDT Discussion

Here, we are providing you with some tips that can be helpful to handle Fish Market during group discussion-

  • First of all, Do not become part of the fish market in group discussions. Candidates should understand that assessors are keeping an eye on the conduct of every candidate. Assessors will not recommend those candidates who are part of the fish market.
  • In the case of the fish market, candidates should show leadership qualities and try to convince the group not to continue the fish market and engage in a healthy discussion. You can remind them of the consequences of the fish market if they are not stopping to create  fish market-like situation during group discussion.
  • If there is a constant fish market like situation in the group, try to speak when everyone stops speaking. Usually, once the group discussion starts, the whole group starts speaking. At this moment, candidates should wait for some time and speak when everyone stops speaking.
  • Speak confidently and loudly in case of fish market like situation. And make sure your points are valid. It should be noted that during fish market candidates might not be listening, but assessors are constantly listening.
  • Do not try to convince your group with a loud voice but with facts or valid points. Raising voicing will lead to more fish market in the group instead of proper discussion. For proper discussion, candidates must present valid arguments and facts. Candidates should present such facts that can not be contradicted.
  • While managing such a tense situation like a fish market in the group discussion, make sure you address other candidates in a courteous manner. You should not blame or name any particular candidate.
  • During the discussion, if you observe that your group is not going in a direction or a fish market situation is starting, you can ask your group to discuss the theme of the story or the number of characters first. In this way, you will be able to avoid the fish market and take your group toward a meaningful discussion.
  • Lastly, even if a fish market is going on, candidates should remain a  spectator. Candidates should speak their points that are valid in a little loud voice so that points become audible to assessors. While presenting their points, candidates should try not to become part of the fish market.


We hope these tips will help you to handle the fish market in the PPDT test. These tips will help candidates to avoid fish market and increase their chances of screening in. Defence Guru is a defence platform managed by defence experts. Defence Guru provides regular updates on defence news and articles on SSB and NDA preparation. For more updates on SSB preparation and Defence Exam preparation, keep following Defence Guru.


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