PP&DT Pictures for Upcoming NDA-1 2023 SSB Interview

PP&DT Pictures for Upcoming NDA-1 2023 SSB Interview
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PP&DT or Picture Perception Test is the second test in the five days of SSB processes after the OIR (Officer Intelligence Rating) Test. This test is one of the most important tests in the SSB Interview. This test can decide whether you are going to stay in SSB for 4 more days or you are going to be out on the first day itself. PP&DT is one of the most difficult tests for SSB Aspirants because a very hazy picture is shown in PP&DT and candidates have to go through narration and discussion also for the PP&DT Story. In this article, we are going to tell you everything about the PP&DT Test, and we will provide some sample PP&DT pictures and stories as well for the upcoming NDA-1 2023 SSB Interview.


What is a Picture Perception and Description Test?


The PP&DT (Picture Perception and Discussion Test) is one of the psychological tests conducted during the five-day SSB Interview Process.

The purpose of the PP&DT is to assess a candidate's ability to analyze a given picture and form a story around it. PP&DT Test aims to analyze candidates’ analytical thinking, decision-making ability, optimum use of resources, and thought process. In the picture perception test, candidates are given 30 seconds to observe the story and 1 minute to highlight the number of characters, their mood, age, and sex. Candidates are given 4 minutes to write down the title of the story and the PP&DT Story. After writing the stories, candidates are divided into groups of 14-16 candidates for discussion and narration. During narration and discussion, candidates sit in a semi-circle manner and narrate their stories one by one. After the narration, a group discussion takes place. The purpose of group discussion is to arrive at a final story not just to discuss the story.


How to mark characters in the PP&DT


Candidates have to mark characters given in the picture and give information on the age, gender, and mood of the characters. Candidates should mark the information in the following way-




  • Through numbers, for example, 32 or 25


  • Male- M
  • Female- F
  • If not identifiable- O


  • Positive- ‘+’
  • Negative- ‘-’
  • Neutral- ‘0’


1st PP&DT Picture with Story

Anand is a 24-year-old agriculture graduate who belongs to Udaipur Village. After completing his graduation and internship when he returned to his village, he found that people were living in poor conditions. To inquire about the reason for this poverty in his village, he talked with some people in the village. After talking to the people of the village he came to know that, the groundwater level has gone down in his village and people are not able to irrigate their fields properly. In the absence of proper irrigation, crops are failing and production is also declining. During his internship, he worked in drip irrigation technology, and during his graduation he also studied this technology. One day he organized a meeting with the help of the head of his village where he told the people of his village about the drip irrigation method. He explained all the benefits of drip irrigation and how drip irrigation can save water and increase production. He also told people of his village about the loan facility by the government to set up drip irrigation systems. He also helped the people of the village in getting loans from banks for drip irrigation systems. After setting up an irrigation system, the people of Udaipur village were able to continue agriculture with very limited water use. Production of agriculture increased substantially and the incomes of the people of Udaipur also increased.


2nd PP&DT Picture with Story

Akash is a 25-year-old post-graduate student in social work from Bhim Rao Ambedkar University. On the Ambedkar Jayanti, Akash decided to organize a cleanliness drive after being inspired by Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. To organize this cleanliness drive he informed all students from his departments and collected the necessary materials from the university administration for the cleanliness drive. He printed some pamphlets also to inform other students about the cleanliness drive. Before starting the cleanliness drive, Akash explained the task of each and every student in his group for conducting the cleanliness drive. Akash selected the venue of his cleanliness drive after consulting his group and they reached the venue for the cleanliness drive. Akash himself took a broom and cleaned the area. During the cleanliness drive, he explained to people about good practices and requested them to keep the university campus clean. Akash and his group were awarded by the university administration for successfully conducting a cleanliness drive.


Here, we are providing some sample stories also. You can write your own stories in the comment box. We will evaluate your stories and tell you how to improve your stories.


1st Sample PP&DT Picture


2nd Sample PP&DT Picture


3rd Sample PP&DT Picture


4th Sample PP&DT Picture


5th Sample PP&DT Picture


PP&DT is one of the most important tests of the SSB Interview, that’s why candidates should prepare for it very well. PP&DT Test is the test that will decide whether you will stay in the next four days or not. PP&DT includes not only story writing but also narration and discussion also. So to excel in this test, you need to improve your communication skills also. To improve your communication skills you can do mirror practice and discuss the story among your group.


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