Sense of Humor in interviews and at workplace

Sense of Humor in interviews and at workplace
25-August 2018...........

Sense of Humor

Present Scenario:

Being good at repartee has also become a necessity in present job scenario. Having good sense of humor is required to survive in this world. Now in present scenario, the environment at work place has changed a lot. There was a scene when people used to work with due seriousness, the scope of cracking jokes, passing comments was not up to the extent as it persists today. Even if there could be such environment but the working scenario was not affected due to someone’s inactive participation. At present, it has become the part of job to keep a good sense of Humor so it has become important in survival too. Specially in the jobs of management, officers, executive level, this happens. If an officer passes comments on you, dealing with it smartly is your ability else if that comment is taken to heart, there can be difficult situation for one to handle. One may be technically sound but if the outcome is not as expected, a question is raised on his overall skills. Although one’s performance is not evaluated on the basis of his sense of humor but somehow it is an integral part of one’s inter personal skills. Now organizations prefer such candidates who are able to deal with people effectively in a group and also individually. Sometimes, due to behavioral skills, these problems occur. Sense of humor is not only required in professional life but it matters in personal life too. There are such discussions in interviews too in which your sense of humor is observed. I am going to explain it in detail. Let’s discuss what all make your sense of humor strong.

  • Communication Skills:

One who has excellent communication skills, is supposed to have a good sense of humor. Communication skills do not bank upon the particular language. This is the art of conveying an idea in a manner that ensures its understanding by the audience. One can take a step forward only if one has confidence to communicate.

  • Smile:

Having a smile on face is the best way to deal with people. We meet variety of people at workplace. Some of them are liked and some are not but we have to work with everyone. Now if keep an unhappy face, it creates distances in your relationship with the person. Whenever you talk to someone, begin your discussion with a smile. There are times when you have nothing to say on a point, a smile fills the gap. Keeping a smile on face bring a feel of togetherness in you. There are chances when we have to seek a favor with strangers, smile on face makes it possible to get that favor from strangers too. Without this, it is difficult to get it from known people too.

  • Acknowledgement of the message:

Sense of humor needs others participation as well. So one must wait for others to acknowledge the message you have just conveyed. The one who keeps on conveying one’s ideas without valuing their acknowledgement makes him arrogant. Giving chance for others to acknowledge the message gives you an opportunity to get more logical ideas. If you like someone’s thought, do appreciate him. If not, put your logic with a smile.




  • Awareness with current affairs:

Being updated with current affairs enables you to take an active participation in discussion. Although it does not require conceptual or theoretical knowledge but a base of content is needed to take part in discussion. It is often seen, that discussion goes on current topics, if one has knowledge, feels comfortable to put one’s opinion too. In case of ignorance, the mind starts thinking that why you are not updated with this. This is the reason, general studies has been kept as a subject in most of the competitive exams. General studies involve all branches of learning and knowledge. A habit of reading newspaper daily makes you feel confident with the current affairs. Content matters to discuss something. If no content, there is nothing to explain.

  • Extrovert Nature:  

The nature also matters in it. You may have a lot of knowledge but if you are not willing to communicate much, you feel to be inactive in discussion. We start thinking that there is no need of it. The jobs of research level may not require you to be extrovert but the jobs of officers, managers require you to be extrovert in nature. By the way, sharing your ideas with others will not affect your knowledge in fact, it will give you something to ponder and confidence with your own ideas if they are accepted and appreciated.

  • Valuing self: 

One who knows one’s value wants others also to know about him. This attitude only make him come up with a great of sense of humor to avail all the chances for his existence. Talking about the need of sense of humor, it makes you a live personality. To grow successively it is important to be with the scenario. One may think that one is alright without it too but it takes you to a hidden side. So this nature is required.

  • Being Positive:  One shouldn't mind the statements stated by others in fact one should think how to reply accordingly. Taking it negatively blocks your creativity. If a quick response is given from your end, that statement does not become a serious statement and your participation also becomes active.


Hopefully you would have understood the importance of repartee.

Be good at repartee and find humor in your sense, that's called sense of humor!


Aditya Dubey

Head of the Department (English and Interview Skills)

Centurion Defence Academy

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