SSB Interview Dress Code for Male and Female

SSB Interview Dress Code for Male and Female
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SSB Interview Dress Code

After the written results of the NDA and CDS exams are announced, the Services Selection Board (SSB) conducts an intensive intelligence-cum-personality test to assess the personality traits of potential candidates. SSB Interview assists panel members in limiting the number of candidates to a select few and assessing whether or not a candidate is a good fit for the role. We all know how essential a first impression is when it comes to generating a lasting impression during an interview. When it comes to it, your appearance and behavior are the most important factors to consider. However, many candidates ignore the necessity of making a good first impression during SSB interviews. They should keep in mind that, in addition to academic and physical preparation, a good attitude and appearance are also vital in SSB. Thus, we've provided extensive information about the SSB interview dress code for you, keeping a specific level of professionalism in mind.


Complete Dress Code for SSB Interview


During the interview, a candidate's dress creates a visual image of him or herself, as it reflects one's character and indicates one's professionalism in work and personal life. It is critical to dress appropriately because one never knows who he or she may be meeting. We will share a complete list of dresses as advised by the SSB in the call letter in the table below.









Dark color trouser and light color shirt

1 set

1 set*

*Suits/Sarees permissible



2 pair

2 pair 

Formal and Sports


Neck tie





Winter wear



Seasonal requirement during winter


White shorts & T-shirts

1 set


For GTO tests


Track suit


2 set**

* For winters only

** For GTO


General Suggestion regarding Dress Code for SSB Interview


Dresses enhance your appearance. In SSB, you don't need to wear anything dazzling; just keep it simple and professional. The way you dress and enter the room reveals your personality and enables interviewers to use clothing as a decisive element in choosing between two candidates. Here are some pointers for deciding on your SSB interview dress before the day of the interview.


  • In the winter, a black suit or jacket with a white shirt is appropriate, however, in the summer, a simple white shirt is appropriate. 

  • Dress modestly in black formal trousers that are neither too baggy nor too skintight, and a black or navy blue tie.

  • Bow ties and patterns with a lot of detail should be avoided. Flowers and pineapple motifs should be avoided in tie patterns. Although solids are preferable, stripes and dots are also viable possibilities.

  • The color of your shoes should be black, brown, or burgundy. Socks of the same hue should be worn. Wear toe-covering shoes that are well-polished and free of scrapes and stains.

  • Select a haircut that is neat, sleek, and well-maintained. Shave your beard and mustache as well to look your best.

  • To match the color of your shoes, wear a solid-colored belt. Belts with patterns or that are overly bright should be avoided. 

  • Any distracting jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, or bracelets, should be removed by candidates.



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