SSB Interview GTO Tasks Colour and General Rules

SSB Interview GTO Tasks Colour and General Rules
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SSB Interview GTO Tasks Colour and General Rules


GTO (Group Testing Officer) Test in SSB is one of the most important parts of the SSB Interview Process. This test is conducted within a period of two days and consists of many outdoor and indoor tasks. Indoor Tasks in GTO consist of Group Discussion, Lecturette, and Group Planning Exercise (GPE). Outdoor Tasks in GTO consist of Individual Obstacle Tests, Progressive Group Tasks, Half Group Tasks, Full Group Tasks, Command Tasks, and Snake Race. The main purpose of conducting the GTO Test is to assess candidates’ ability to perform in a group, ability to influence a group, decision-making, optimum use of resources, and stamina.


GTO Tasks are conducted to evaluate the following OLQs (Officer Like Qualities)


  • Organising Ability
  • Reasoning Ability
  • Social Adjustment
  • Social Effectiveness
  • Dynamic
  • Stamina
  • Determination
  • Ability to influence group
  • Cooperation


GTO Tasks Colour Rules and Other General Rules


It is very important to know the general rules of GTO Tests because without knowing them it will be very difficult to perform GTO Tasks. There are many rules which have been discussed below-


Colour Rule-

There is Colour Rule in GTO that applies to outdoor tasks. In GTO Obstacles are marked with 3 colours that are Red, Yellow, and Blue. Obstacles marked with red colour are out of bounds for men and materials. It means Candidates cannot stand and place their helping materials on the platforms marked in red colour. Obstacles marked with yellow colour are out of bound for helping material. It means candidates can place helping material on the platform marked in yellow colour. Obstacles marked in white colour are not out of bounds for anything. It means candidates can not only place helping material but also stand on the platform marked in blue colour.


                                                                    Colour Rule in GTO

             Colour Painted on the Platform


Red Colour

Out of bounds for both  men and material


Out of bound for material

White Colour

Inbound for both men and material


Rigidity Rule in GTO-

According to the rigidity rule of GTO, two helping materials cannot be tied to each other to extend the length of the bridge.


Rule of Load-

According to this rule, the Load should be carried along with the group and should not be put down on the ground.


Rule of Infinity-

According to this rule, Infinity The start line and the finish line as marked on the ground are to be imagined as extending to Ieft

and right till infinity, thereby meaning that they are parallel and do not meet each other.


Snake Race Rules-


  • Snake should be held by at least 3 people at a time.


  • Snake should not touch the ground.


  • While starting and ending the Group Obstacle Race, All candidates should hold the snake.


  • Snake should not touch any of out of the bound areas.


  • Snake should not be folded or shortened.


  • Snake must follow the course of the group.


Tips for GTO Test-


  • Do not try to overpower the group. Listen to everyone and give everyone a chance.


  • Exercise regularly to improve muscle power. Lift weight so that your upper body can become more powerful.


  • Do not try to catch the attention of GTO. Just Focus on your task and complete it successfully.


  • If you commit any mistake in any test, then repeat the action by correcting it.


  • Never leave helping material on the ground. Place the helping material and load in its place.


  • Try to take initiative in every task. But if you are not able to get the solution, consult your group members.


And Always Remember…


The “task” is NOT Important ...... but, “You” and your role during the process of that task is Important, and furthermore, You” are NOT important..........but, your “Group” is finally more important!!


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