Tips on How to Fill PIQ Form in SSB Interview

Tips on How to Fill PIQ Form in SSB Interview
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Tips on How to Fill PIQ Form?

In the context of the SSB Interview, PIQ refers to the Personal Information Questionnaire, a compilation of basic questions put on a piece of paper that assessors use to effectively appraise you during the SSB Interview. Assessors comprehend your personality by reading the PIQ after obtaining some details about you. Filling out an excellent PIQ is the first step toward SSB Interview selection, whether you are a fresher or a repeater. After the documentation at the SSB Interview, the PIQ Form is filled out which contains critical information about the applicant, interview questions in the SSB interview are typically based on what you submit in your PIQ form. Read on to know more about how to fill PIQ form in SSB Interview.


  • Candidates must complete three copies of the Personal Information Questionnaire after clearing the screening test (PIQ). It includes basic information such as the candidate's qualifications, accomplishments, and family background. 

  • Copying and overwriting suggest that the candidate lacks coherence in his thinking and has a careless attitude since SSB Board members analyze a candidate's personality by examining his PIQ. A rapidly written form, one with too many cuttings and writings, or one that provides inadequate information, conveys the image of carelessness. 

  • As a result, candidates must carefully complete the application form as writing obligations and accomplishments in the proper sequence demonstrate good organizational skills.


Tips to Fill the PIQ Form Properly


Candidates must carefully fill out the PIQ and be prepared to share their experiences and lessons learned from participating in all of the activities included in the PIQ during the interview. The first thing to keep in mind is to avoid making any mistakes while writing. If you make a mistake, clip it with a single horizontal line instead of trying to make abstract art out of it. The following are some important pointers to remember when filling out the PIQ form.


  • Write neatly, put the right thing in the right place, and include all relevant information, such as educational qualifications, duties held, interests, and so on.

  • Keep achievements in chronological order and avoid copying and overwriting. Before going to the SSB Interview, practice filling out the PIQ form.

  • The most important thing here is to state the truth and be honest on your PIQ form so that you may demonstrate your identical personality in both the psychological test and the personal interview.

  • You must be aware of everything you write in the PIQ and be able to respond to any queries. Learn everything you can about your hometown and family history.

  • If you aren't brilliant in academics, you must have interesting hobbies and interests to justify your advancement. Start creating good hobbies and interests if you don't already have them.

  • Try to stay in your genuine form, don't imitate others, and analyze yourself to create a clear image of yourself in your mind so you can respond quickly to questions about yourself.

  • Your commitment, involvement, and variety of abilities indicate your real-world experience, as the more you worked, the more you acquired competence in coping with day-to-day situations.

  • Your PIQ information will be used to determine your selection during the interview. As a result, you should pay attention to what you've written. Marks and percentages, exceptional accomplishments and other details must be recalled precisely as specified in the PIQ.

  • Your PIQ form reflects your experience. Assessors may ask some questions to test the authenticity of your experience and obtain confirmation of your presence and handling of the incident. Your responsibilities demonstrate your leadership abilities.




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