What is Officer Intelligence Rating OIR Test in SSB

What is Officer Intelligence Rating OIR Test in SSB
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Intelligence: basic capacity of the mind to acquire and render knowledge.

The world would be void and humans would loose their worth without this prime feature of intelligence. While all creatures possess certain intelligence it is humans who have a high hand at it. Each and every professional field examines the level of intelligence of humans according to their own methodology.

Falling in the same range, SSB also marks the intelligence quotient of the applicants aiming for Indian Armed Forces.

Indian Defence is a multi- faceted field. It not only requires physical strength but immense mental sharpness also. Hence an assessment of candidate’s intelligence becomes mandatory. Under SSB, the name given to this assessment is OIR.

Officer’s Intelligence Rating, commonly spelt as OIR is another challenging round of SSB session. It examines your intelligence required as an Officer for Indian Armed Forces. OIR is the very first round of SSB conducted on the first day and followed by PPDT. It drafts merit of the candidates.

OIR incorporates a set of verbal and non- verbal tests with an aim to check the reasoning ability and competence of the applicants.

This crucial test follows a written exam pattern wherein 50 questions are asked. The questions belong to 2 categories:


Non- verbal.

Each question is of 1 mark and there is no provision of negative marking. The whole test has to be completed within a time frame of 30 minutes.

It’s obvious you must be curious about the topics asked in this exam.

Well, Verbal section is a test of candidate’s common sense and reasoning. It involves figures, analogies, matrixes, paper cutting, paper on dice, odd one out, jumbled words, arithmetic questions etc.

Non- verbal section on the other hand is designed for those who lack language proficiency. Herein the topics included are completion of series, blood relation, jumbled words, coding- decoding etc.

Want to know the outcome? By outcome I mean the result, the benefit of this test. It is through OIR that the judging Officers get an insight into the intelligence and performance level of the applicants. Not through marks but through rating system the candidates are examined. These ratings drafted through OIR and PPDT are crucial in the Screening session. They are rated from 1 to 5 exposing their respective level, such as:

OIR 1- Outstanding

OIR 2- Excellent

OIR 3- Above average

OIR 4- Average

OIR 5- Below Average

So with that OIR appears as a great litmus test to assess your understanding as well as judge your Officer level mental aptitude. It is as easy as it appears and does not require any anxiety. So approach it with a calm mind!


Download SSB OIR Test Sample Paper

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