WAT Examples for SSB Interview

WAT Examples for SSB Interview
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WAT Examples for SSB Interview

In this post we are share the solution of word association test words from WAT. These are the best WAT responses and answers which can be used by candidates in SSB Interview. Candidates can note down these examples. These are the most common word association test examples which you might face in SSB interview for Army, Navy and Air Force.

Word Association Test Examples

Atom:  India is using its atomic energy for peaceful purposes.
             future energy source.
Assist:             A good leader helps his superiors with respect.
Attack: The right time with the right strategy to win the battle.
Fear:   The good people are not afraid of adversity.
Alone: When alone, books give good company. Young only brings changes in society
Admire: admiring others for good deeds bring them closer to us.
Avoid:             Proper planning prevents suffering.
Try:     Serious attempts to ensure good results.
            some people try until the goal is reached.
Army: The backbone of a nation’s security.
            Symbol of discipline.
Reach: Capt. Batra reaches the value of hismission.
Call:    rights groups call against injustice.
            The Indians have the right to appeal directly to the Supreme Court.
Abuse: the US army committed human rights violations in Iraq.
Bother: people mature keep everyone happy.

Price:  Hard work is its own reward.
Accident: The application of traffic rules prevent accidents.
Cons:   The government is working against polio and hepatitis B.
Government is working against the odds of developing the nation.
Average:  average people to achieve glory with continuous efforts.
Question: The forces of India UNO always help on demand.
Focus: Focus givespositive always positive.
Remote: Friends Company eliminates distance.
Help: The whole world is helping the tsunami victims was provided.
Argument: Ideas promotes good reasonable argument.
Architect: Architecture is the play of the imagination.
Ambassador: Pt Nehru was an ambassador of of peace.
Again: practice time and again improves performance.
All:      All citizens are responsible for the training.
Aware: Awareness minimizes cases of AIDS / Polio.
Adults: Education helps eliminate the orthodoxy of the company.

Boredom: Removed by engagin experience.
BA:      The status of the acquisition of experience.
Ballot: plays an important role in democracy.
Barrera: Large population is an obstacle to development.
Beauty: Nature is given with beauty.
               Beauty of nature refreshes the spirit and body.
Bride: Taking and giving bribe is moral crime.
Books: power house of knowledge.
Home: A good start is a good end.
Beggar: Social workers work for lifting beggars.
             The relations are based on loyalty.
Rooms: After the hard work; it gives relief.
Malo: Life if full of goodies
Brave: Brave men build society.
Borrow: US borrowing is good brains from India.
              Pak missile borrowed from China / North Korea.
Beat: Indian scientists have hit the computer world.
          Load Joy facilitates loading.
          Good citizens the burden of responsibility willingly.
Bilateral: India is improving bilateral relations with Pak / China.
Guilt:       They blamed us Saddam having weapons of mass destruction.
                 Low always blame others.
Pump:     Vast population acts as a nomenclature.
                 Bombings of Hiroshima / Nagasaki was inhuman act.
Calamity: Tsunami was great calamity.
                  Disaster management effectively minimizes damage in a calamity.
Calman: Calm and cool people gain another “s heart.
                The calm and cool mind brings better results.
Warning: Careful preparation keeps the bugs away.
To this end: Compelling reasons to make a lot of media.
Captain: Motiva his men / son for example.
Capable: Continued efforts to increase capacity.
Congratulations: Congratulating others in their success motivated to do well again.
Company: Friends give pleasure.
                  Good people give good habits.
Tip:           Cheating does not give long-term results.
                  Cheaters need strict punishment.
Clean:      The systems provide better service.
Worship: India is a home to different religions and beliefs.
Culpable: brought to justice by law.
Cruel: Cruelty Hitller led to World War II.
Cry: To check the growing population is an urgent need for this period.
Cup: Life is a cup of joy.
Children: Priceless active parents.
 Casual: Attitude hurts success.
Change: Determined people change the fate.
Conduct: Making environmental awareness campaigns increases.
Class: food for work scheme using the sub-class of society.
Class differences fade slowly but surely.
Enticing: Of course people convince others easily.
Criticized: positive criticism improves performance.
                  sound judgment improves performance.
Decide: India and China have decided to improve their relations.
Develop: youth plays a crucial role in the development of the country.
Discouraging: The coach encouraged the team to win the game.
Duty: duty and responsibility go together.
             Duty implies responsibilities.
                     To carry out the duty is always cheerful.
Delay: To immediately work shows sincerity.
Dictator: Democracy is the answer to the dictatorship.
Alcohol: Drinking water is essential for public health.
The overlapping flaps to provide enough drinking water.
Otherwise: India is home to different cultures yet unified.
Death: The brave soldier died as a martyr “s.
The death of a martyr inspires young blood.
Deteriorate: Illiteracy progress of a country ‘s deteriorating.
Desire: young Indians want a developed nation.
Diversity: Diversification of crops is beneficial to cultivate good
Dialogue: Is the only solution to problems such as Kashmir.
Difficult: strong people face difficulties with courage.
Demand: talented people always needed.
India is the request of the brain in the world.
Win: Honesty earns respect.
Gandhi has earned the respect of fellow countrymen and others too.
Escape: Braves don “t Escape difficulties.
Elder: It is the best source of inspiration.
Review: Test preparation
Good leader examines the problem from all angles.
Enjoy: Friend’s company is enjoyable.
Friends enjoy each ‘s another company.
Anime: Stimulus motivates people, to improve performance.
Efficiency: The stimulus that motivates people to improve performance.
Enemy: lively people have many friends.
Defeat the enemy with full enthusiasm.
Excuse: strong people never give an excuse unconvincing.
Wrestling: Wrestling Indian Army with an exemplary value.
Fear: The value eliminated.
Enemy fears of Indian troops.
Future: The future of space research in India is very bright.
The next generation is the future of the country.
Default: gives the opportunity to repair the defects.
Right: it is the confidence of many cultures.
Book fairs attract people from various fields.
Fellow: The trust and understanding is the relationship between peers.
         The following command good healthy leaders.
Friend: Support of friends / trusts / understand the other.
It is the gift of God.
Future: Is it good for go-getters.
Family: ‘re still together.
The Indians are together as a family.
Flower: relaxes and refreshes the interior.
Favorite: Dr. Abdul Kalam is the favorite of all Indians.
Film: Documentary films educate the masses.
It is the showcase of the creative message.
Guard: Defence Forces guarding the border that complete devotion.
Girl: It is equal opportunity for the development of society.
Gallant: Gallant mountaineers climbing the peak of success.
Happy: Meeting of Friends brings happiness
Having a goal is a state of happiness.
Honesty: Good citizens honesty.
Holidays: helps keep the mind relaxed.
Hesitation: practice eliminates hesitation.
                   Beyond knowledge.
Home:     Learning begins at home.
Port:      Good habits drive a long way in life.
               Good habits are inculcated through practice.
Director: Take institution to great heights.
                He is the model for students.
Hardwork: Always value in life.
                 persistent hard work in the right direction brings positive results..
Main: India joined hands with others to fight against terrorism.
India always gives a hand to their neighbors.
Illiterate: literacy bring prosperity to society.
Literacy gives a hand to their neighbors.
Impossible: Persistence allowed to reach the moon.
constant effort to do everything possible.
Insult: He respects his elders.
            Gandhi became the motivation, success.
Go:     India has risen to great heights in the IT field.
Joke: Create Light moments in life.
Selva: It is home to flora and fauna.
          It is a natural treasure for living beings.
Joy:       Life is full of joy.
Jealous: Love overcomes jealousy.
Caring and sharing eliminates jealousy.
Lose: strong people recovered their losses.
Leader: Always show his men the right way.
             Good leaders effectively lead their men.
Tapeworm: friends Company exceeds effectively.
Chance: Chance favors those who take initiatives.
Leal: Fidelity to duty / work shows strong character.
Logic: logical ideas are welcomed by all.
Mad: Fanaticism is crazy-making.
Brand: timely decisions help career.
Meeting: Meeting regularly creates better understanding.
Mend: Mending fences improves relations with neighbors ..
Mother: It is an embodiment of faith and sacrifice.
Movement: High morale gives a boost to the goal.
Need: Motivates a man to hard work.
Journal: Improving knowledge.
Indication: great facts are noticed by all.
Follow: command and control provides proper obedience to orders.
              Farms and fair commands are always respected.
Opportunities: Wiseman always made good use of the opportunities.
Overcome: We can overcome obstacles with determination.
               Self-confidence helps to overcome the difficulties in the beginning.
Brief: army officers take quick and correct decision.
Read: Reading improves knowledge.
Recognition: Great facts are always recognized.
Note: Good writing always respected.
Head: Range and responsibility go together.
Rest: Rest is essential afer handwork.
Revolution: Bring a change.
Rights: rights and duties are co-related.
Risk: the higher the risk, the higher the goals.
Rule: Compliance with the rules and regulations brings discipline.
Shy: Shyness can be avoided by interacting with others for free.
          Sister elder sister is a good friend and advisor
Athlete:     Sports helps to win the game.
Resistance: Regular exercise increases endurance.
                   Sport helps to build strength.
Wrestling: Wrestling makes life exciting experience.
System: Systematic approach makes the job easier.
Teacher: guides and help in the development of a child better
Team: Team victory depends on individual efforts.
Temper: Short-tempered people create more enemies than friends.
Thank you: Thanking people cost nothing.
Tired: A brief break after fatigue Handwork avoided.
Travel: Traveling improves knowledge.
Understanding Friendship in the basis of mutual understanding.
Uniform: Da pride and unity.
Union: Mutual understanding brings unity to a computer.
Victoria sincere efforts leading to victory.
War: War is not the solution to human problems.
You worry: Hurry up and bring only concern diseases.
Young people: young artists are goal oriented.
Youth: youth can by the construction company.
Zeal:    Play with zeal & Josh.



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