Medical Standards for Indian Army Officers

Medical Standards for Indian Army Officers
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Medical Standards for Indian Army Officers

Indian Army is the land branch of Indian Armed Forces. Indian Army protects Indian Borders during wartime and deals with Insurgency or terrorism during peacetime. Indian Army Officers are one of the fittest people. Indian Army Officers have to work in unforgiving terrains like Siachen Glacier, Thar Desert, Forests etc where high level of physical and mental fitness is required. Indian Army Officers are trained to survive in any situation, but to do so they must be medically fit.

Indian Army follows its own medical standards for recruiting candidates as Army Officers. Candidates undergo five days SSB Medical Test, where various tests are conducted to check medical conditions of Candidates. Candidates are advised to ensure their medical fitness before going for SSB. Candidates should keep in mind medical fitness also while preparing for SSB.


Medical Standards for Indian Army Officers


Indian Army prescribes its own detailed medical standards which can be accessed on official website of Indian Army. Medical Standards for Indian Army are following as-


  • Height- Officers of Indian Army should to be tall enough to work properly and handle equipments during wartime as well as peacetime. Height recommended for Officers of Indian Army Officers is different for male candidates and female candidates. Minimum height for female candidate to become Indian Army officers is 152cm. Minimum Height for male candidates to become Officer in Indian Army is 157.5 cm. Relaxation in height is provided to Hill People like Gorkha, Kumaoni, Garhwalis etc.


  • Height to Weight Ratio- Indian Army prescribes Height to weight ratio for candidates. Candidates should maintain their weight according to their height and age. Height to weight ratio is different for male and female candidates.


Height to Weight Chart for Male Candidates



Age 15-17

Age 18-22

Age 23-27

Age 28-32


46-49 Kg

47-50 Kg

50-54 Kg

54-58 Kg


50-53 Kg

51-55 Kg

55-59 Kg

59-63 Kg


54-56 Kg

56-59 Kg

60-64 Kg

63-66 Kg


57-60 Kg

59-63 Kg

64-69 Kg

67-71 Kg


61-63 Kg

64-66 Kg

69-72 Kg

72-74 Kg


64 Kg

67-68 Kg

73-74 Kg

75 Kg



Height to Weight Chart for Female Candidates



Age 20-25

Age 26-30

148-151 Cm

43-45 Kg

46-48 Kg

152-155 Cm

46-48 Kg

49-51 Kg

156-160 Cm

49-51 Kg

52-55 Kg

160-165 Cm

52-54 Kg

55-58 Kg

166-171 Cm

55-58 Kg

59-62 Kg

172-176 Cm

59-61 Kg

63-66 Kg

177-178 Cm

62-63 Kg




  •  Medical Condition- Candidates who are going for medical test for officers in Indian Army should not have following medical problems such as weak body constitution, swelling in limbs, undeveloped limbs, hyperpigmentation, aertrio-venous malformation, hernia, impairment in vision, impairment in hearing, pulmonary tuberculosis, abnormality of liver, disability in endocrinal  system etc. These medical grounds will be cause of rejection on medical grounds for Officers of Indian Army.


  • 14 Dental Points- Candidates are required to have at least 14 dental points based on dental tests during SSB medical test. Teeths which are not necessary are awarded 1 mark, teeth which are necessary are awarded 2 marks, Each incisor, canine, 1st and 2nd premolars are awarded  1 mark, Each 1st and 2nd molar and 3rd molar are awarded 2 points, candidates should have 16 intact teeths in upper and lower jaws. Normally, Candidates do not get medical out because of 14 dental points.


  • Vision Parameters-  Candidates should have proper vision to work efficiently. Vision Parameters followed by Indian Army is following as-




For 10+2 Entries like NDA, TES

Graduate Level Entries like CDS, UES, TGC

Post Graduate Level Entries like JAG, AEC

Uncorrected Vision

6/36 and 6/36

6/36 and 6/36

6/36 and 3/36


Rt 6/6 and Lt 6/6

Rt 6/6 and Lt 6/6

Rt 6/6 and Lt 6/6


≦ -2.5D sph

≦ -3.50 D sph

≦ 5.50 D sph


≦ +2.5D sph

≦ +3.50 D sph

≦ +3.50 D sph

Lasik Surgery

Not Permitted



Color Perception






In Case any candidate is rejected in medical test, the candidate is given either temporary rejection or permanent rejection. Candidates can apply against temporary rejection but they can not apply against permanent rejection. Candidates can apply against temporary rejection in the Appeal medical Board. The candidate will again be examined in the nearest Army Hospital. It should be noted that Female Candidates are examined by Female Specialists only. In case Female Specialist is available, Female Candidates will be examined in presence of Female Attendant.

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